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I've got to tell you guys, I'm kind of loving this!

Once again, amazing neighbors with heavy equipment are allowing me to get done what I need to get done, for free. A very kind, generous, knowledgeable, and busy neighbor, the father of @jaguarlife, showed me how to operate this backhoe today.

I'm sure if he had the time he would even offer to do all the work for me, but it makes more sense just to teach me and let me go, so I'll be set up for my future and he can get back to his business.


Since I did spend some years operating a forklift, I have a bit of understanding about some machines, but all of this equipment (the skidsteer, tractor, stump grinder, and backhoe) is all brand new to me. Since we decided to go with a septic system, I'm uprooting all the trees in the area that I am preparing for it.

Sometimes, the backhoe can just be ran into the trees and knock them over. However, for the sinewy hickory trees and the large oaks, I have to use the backhoe to dig around the trunks and rip out the roots first. It takes some learning, but I am getting the hang of it.


To be able to "happen" to purchase some land right where I have so many loving, caring, generous, and helpful neighbors is a HUGE blessing. I can't even imagine how much renting all of this equipment would cost.

Yet, somehow here I am. Attempting to move forward with my life and this property, and yet without a clue about a lot of it. However, I am learning and it is paying off.

Today was a huge step forward, not just because I now have a backhoe that I can use and the training to properly operate it, but we had something else happen on our property. I'll post about that tomorrow, so stay tuned.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Well, it is that time of year again.

I am guessing that you finally received your shipping container.

You shall wait to see my next post! (and you are very good at guessing too!)

I had to give this a FULL UP Vote because the closest I have ever come to what you did by operating a Back Hoe is playing with my TONKA Trucks in the backyard when I was like 7 or 8 years old. Great job playing with the Adult TONKA'S @papa-pepper......

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Reminds of the scoop in the sandbox at some parks.

You bring up sad memories for me of the year I asked Santa for a backhoe, but instead got a front-end loader.


I dream of driving around in Tonka trucks. Sigh....I work a desk job(for now!)
Once again I find myself a little Jealous of @pappa-pepper!

Cheers! @rebele93

Don't forget that using grey water and humanure can give you so much more than a septic system ever could.

My kids asked the other day why cow, horse, and rabbit manure was good compost but human manure was not...

I explained that cows, horses, and rabbits didn't take pharmaceutical drugs and so their manure was good within a year or so while ours tends to take two years to get rid of the toxins that we willingly ingest. Another reason for this is that we humans often eat meats that are full of hormones that we were cannot process properly.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should seriously consider using your own waste to produce food rather than spending energy on a series of tunnels in the ground that will ultimately do little for you.

Of course, we have a septic system for my wife's peace of mind... and so have multiple acres to mow that could be better put to good use producing fruits and vegetables.

Like in The Martian? 😀 😃 😄 😁

Right, those are important things that can be done as well.

Haaaa @papa-pepper i don't like suspense especially from you. Now i will be hooked on steemit all day today waiting for the update what happened 😋 a good wait though as i Love your posts... Good job learning the backhoe....such a huge equipment but as you said different from your forklift experience.. i did mention you on my new post of today ...hope you don't mind! Thanks for sharing always

Just posted!

ahh..just coming online but still will rush and calm my curiosity... thanks...

Wow, I am extending my garden in my little village in the countryside in France, but I only use a shovel to get all the stones out of the ground before I can plant anything. There are many stones in the ground here in France. You are doing quite something else. That's way beyond my knowledge. I wish you luck and success!!

Why are there so many stones in the ground there? 😀 😃 😄 😁

Well, it's rocky over here, so when you dig in the ground you find all kinds of stones, big ones, and small ones. We made a pile of the big ones in our backyard.

Cool what colour are they? 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆

wow thats great new keep it up bro

Those things are so much fun! I've only had the pleasure twice in my life to operate it. I did horrible but it was still great having that much power in my hands.

So far so good on my end. Hopefully I'll stay safe!

hahah awesome! I think my brother would love this, as a kid he had a yellow toy one he always carried :)

Good for you!! That saved a lot of money! And good neighbors are worth gold! Will be interesting to follow you working the land.

Im jealous, I would love to learn to operate a beast like that

Maybe one day, it took me decades!

What an amazing experience. I'm so happy that you have good neighbors!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice post friend 👌. thanks for sharing

Yup, gotta have the proof!

Good post.

You save a lot of money using forklift!
Thanks for sharing..
Uvoted with 100% for great content..

congratulations for operating the back hoe happy for u :) @papa-pepper

I really need to drive a front loader. I think it's a part of being a man.

Best get to it then, man.


Once again, @papa-pepper, I congratulate you for your tenacity. Homesteading might sound easy and whimsical. However, I know it is hard work. You are indeed blessed by loving, caring, generous, and helpful neighbors, it seems. Without people like that, starting something new and daunting, would really be so much more of a challenge. You inspire me every day. One day I would love to have our own little homestead...

I've done plenty with an ax and shovel in my days too, but this is way faster!

@papa-pepper, when can i be like you.

How about now?

Thanks @papa-pepper, I still just use steemit. how to get steem power? I'm making a steemit community in Aceh, please read my brother at #snc.

What? Your neighbors just have all this heavy equipment lying around in their garages or property? My neighbors can't even keep quite in the middle of the night when they're throwing parties or celebrating festivals. I need to move over to Arkansas immediately.

It's not like this everywhere, but we sure have been blessed!

Indeed, you and your family have been blessed with good neighbors!

your job is very hard, I am amazed with you, you can divide the time between real work and internet world work
Good job @papa-pepper

Yes, I try hard to keep my life balanced... with varying results.

you are amazing😊
please visit my blog maybe you can like @papa-pepper

Seems like a classic case of what goes around comes around to me ;)

You put out the good vibes and extend the helping hand, and inevitably it all circle back to you when your the one that require assistance.

I'd love to ride in one of those bobcats, they look like a lot fun too! Ever driven one of those?

Thanks for that. A bobcat?

No, just one of these skidsteers.

Ya more or less the same thing accept with tank wheels! (use em a lot for clearing sidewalks of snow in Canada lol.


It's like the go-cart of construction equipment ;)

"tank wheels"
Called "Tracks", rubber or metal

Meh, tank wheels sounds better IMO ;) and if u really want to go there... technically, the track portion is being moved by the rotation of wheels... :)

technically ... gears, and rollers ...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

and.... many tracked vehicles also have Idler wheels. Lets say we're both right ;)

When you knock them over does it damage the backhoe? Would probably cost 1000 USD per day at least, excluding labour and fuel. 😀 😃 😄 😁

this post is so amazing, I'm so inspired to keep working hard on steem.

Dang now i'm really curious about what else happened on the home steed. Cliff hanger much papa :P

Just posted, wait no longer!

Teach a man to fish concept is how folks learn best, so happy you are blessed with the community you have around you!
How about a video of you operating the many tools (machines) running thru how to operate while not being hands on but done in video might just be the way some folks can learn if they are not blessed with a community?

Wow , I always wanted to learn how to operate this backhoe.. which is really a fun if you can operate it well...thnks for sharing this with us my dear wild man and take care of yourself. Do not forget to see my last two post on how to use strategic management tools in eliminating your weaknesses and at the same time using your strengths in a more advantageous way...I wish you more success.

Nice work. My company will occasionally rent a mini excavator for plumbing jobs that are to deep for hand digging. Running equipment is pretty fun for a couple of days. Good luck with your septic system, I have installed a few in my day.

Backhoe's are wonderful pieces of equipment...my hubby loves his...I love that he loves it. :D I always mix up the levers when I use it so I'm happy to let hubby have the fun of using it instead of me. :D

Now when he gets the bulldozer working I'm going to give it a try but I doubt it will be a long one because I don't imagine riding a bulldozer will do my bad back any good. :D Still, its a bulldozer and who wouldn't want to ride/use one for just a few minutes at least. :D

I love seeing the progress of your homestead. I kind of wish that I'd kept a video log or pictures of ours along the way but I never even thought of blogging before I joined steemit and hind sight is always 20/20. I'm trying to learn from that mistake and take more pictures and videos for my blog...I just need to find an easy editing/posting program to get the ones I've got in here someday. :D

Thanks for sharing so much of your journey with us. Have an awesome day! :D

Haha! Great skill to learn and fun to boot!

Sure your "Diggin" it, lol Big Boy toys ftw ! Free ... Awesome folks !
Congratulations on not having to rent. +New Skill ! (Fun Huh !)

Hugs All Around, Your friend JT Streetman

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Wow great idea to learn how to operate a backhoe you can also check my post https://steemit.com/homesteading/@julstamban/homesteading-turns-to-landscaping-and-plant-supplying-business

just remember to try and square up to where you want to dig. if you dig too far left or right you can tilt it

That's right!

Hey, @papa-pepper! You are truly blessed with wonderful neighbours. All these pieces of equipment would cost a small fortune to rent. And look at all the new skills you are learning in the process! Whatever skills you learn can never be taken from you and who knows, they may become essential. Is the climate there warm enough for you to grow bananas if you cover them well for winter? Because I know of some areas where if they are covered well they will produce bananas in their second year. Why I ask, is to further boost the septic system we put in a biofilter where a weeping bed would be. Our water table is high and drainage can be a problem during rainy season. Over the bed of the biofilter we grow the best bananas. I am sure that other plants/trees would do well also, but we love bananas. What can I say...

It's great, isn't it? When I was a kid, I used to hang around the construction site when our ancestral house was being renovated. I used to sift sand, mix cement and balance across the support beams. But, I really gravitated to the backhoe when I set my sights on it. I was about 10 years old at the time, so I couldn't see very clearly but they let me play around with it, while heavily supervised, of course. They didn't want a kid to destroy months of hard work now. I was a bit uncoordinated at the time, but it's a great experience to have. I think everyone should try how to operate heavy machinery at least once in their life. Gives a whole new appreciation for laborers.

I would like to operate a big robot like a transformer one. 😀 😃 😄 😁

I prefer a Gundam :D

Whats that? 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆

It's this.

OK thanks.