Understanding Action Comedy (A Video Analysis of Jackie Chan Movies)

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What's the difference between Hollywood action comedy and Jackie Chan's?

Here's a video made by Every Frame a Painting on Youtube. In this video, the essayist dissected and analysed the art behind Jackie Chan movies and how they are different from Hollywood's quickfixes. I like learning about these kind of stuff and build on my understanding of the value of entertainment, while at the same time, get to know a bit more about film-making!

Hope you enjoy it!

Image is a still of the Youtube video.

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I love the signature NG shots at the end of the movie probably pioneered by the man himself.

Seems like that's the case :) Yeah i remember that his movies always end with those bloopers

I made my first comment halfway through the video; I love the point he makes about cutting before and after the hit, as opposed to actually showing the hit twice.

It's such a subtle difference, but it's completely noticeable, and becomes one of those things that you can't quite put your finger on as to why the Hong Kong action films were so much better than the Hollywood versions.


He makes a lot of good point, and I learned alot watching his older vids (I think the newer ones should be awesome as well). I've been trying to contact the author, but no luck! Would be great to have that person onboard here as well :)

I consider it "action comedy" when anyone attacks me and actually thinks they can win.

See? Hilarious!!!!

LOL. nice one.. reminded me of kung pow when you frame it that way.

People often ask, how would Babe Ruth do against one of today's pitchers. So I ask how would the Three Stooges do against Jackie Chan?

I can't even tell.. they are all quite formidable in their own right.. :)

Jackie Chan, I flipping love his movies! Will watch this!

And indeed it was really good, quite clever the breakdown of the fight scenes

I can see a @meesterboom post coming up. TIL trying to be jackie chan at home isn't a very good idea!

Hehe, it's like you are in my head!!!

Don't try it at home! Lol!

You cant help trying it tho!

One of the best things about his movies is the outtakes at the end; I remember watching Police Squad (or was it Story?) for the first time, some of those stunts were totally insane, and watching them mess up was as impressive as the completed stunt!

Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed this vid; and you've introduced me to a new youtube channel; which is always good :-)


The trend of outtakes at the end of the movie started with Jackie Chan movies first, it is now being followed in many films. Upvoted

Bloopers. Is it from his movies first? That's a good little info :) Thanks!

Yup, Jackie Chan is a genius. Interesting video, thanks for sharing.

He certainly works very hard in his movies, hundreds of takes per novelty scene, usually! Np, glad you enjoyed it :)

Love love love Jackie Chan and all hes movies!

I like all his movies, and Stephen Chows!

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