No Hotlinking - Have You Seen Pixabay's policy?

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Like many others, I tend to just copy the image urls I need and site the sources. Let's face it - it's super easy and works well on Steemit.

But have you ever noticed this replacement for the image in (or other places where Steemit articles are posted/linked)?

Apparently this is called hotlinking, and it's a no-no. Many UIs, such as WordPress and others, are built so that these images won't appear (like we see in chat). For some reason, that hasn't been implemented in Steemit yet.

NO HOTLINKING - what does that mean?

If you want to show Pixabay images on your website, please upload them to your server. Pixabay image URLs don't work on external sites.

In other words, it appears that we need to be hosting even free images on sites designed to do so, even though it does work... for now.

Will Pixabay and others complain? I have no clue. But it's something to be aware of. This is especially true for articles that you hope will show up on other sites, since the image won't convey accurately. It'll either give that beautiful dark square, or a url.

I guess it's all part of the maturity of Steemit. Perhaps the devs will want to make sure to be proactive on this one.

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I had noticed that in the chatrooms and was wondering what was up.

I was glad that I wasn't using that site too!

Interesting, this is good to know so thanks for sharing. Luckily I never hotlink images. When I use Pixabay, I like to save the images to my computer, resize them, and then upload them to my account at . Then I use the image URL from steemimg in my post. I like using this site for image hosting as it's designed to work well with Steemit.

I haven't used steeming before, using my own site/s instead. But I was hotlinking until now.

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will your funny ever comment funny again?
yes, I miss your funny so write again you funny :D

Haha, you're such an encouragement to me. Thanks @englishtchrivy!

I'm still here, just busy working on some stuff with @instructor2121. Well, it's sorta two projects with a lot of facets to it... maybe one project. lol, maybe I can't count!!
Watch his feed for any announcements and check out for more info. You might see more from @steemtrail shortly too. In the meantime, I'll try to look for your posts more so I can make silly comments. ;)

@anotherjoe, I mean it - I like funny people - I think its obvious as you can see where I usually comment - those authors are freaking funny so I was missing one - you and I thought give you a knock knock :)

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I said; "funny, Funny" are you there?

Okay so you are with the steemtrail - good luck with that and hope to see you writing again, when you do think of sheldon below :) knock knock on my page

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