Tigole On Infogalactic And Fighting The Establishment

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Tigole On Infogalactic, 2 Ways To Resist The New World Order (2018-02-19)

Infogalactic is to Wikipedia what Gab is to Twitter. Wikipedia dropped "the free encyclopedia" from their bookmarks shortly before the last election not just because Wikipedia echoes only the corporate mainstream media "official" narratives while being rigged and censored by corporatocracy agents and/or dogmatic believers of corrupt establishment systems. (But at the very least they do it all transparently with warnings while Quora is so evil and non-transparent they will censor and ban you without warning, without explanation, without recourse, and without the ability to at least save off all your hard work and precious words that you'd spent hours, days, and even weeks crafting in what you thought was an open enlightened intellectual community. All my work was deleted as well as all the efforts of those who commented, debated, and discussed my posts. If I'd known I would have re-posted it all here on Steemit. Quora robbed me.)

What Is #Infogalactic?

Because Wikipedia rigs and censors everything, some folks started InfoGalactic as a legitimately free encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute articles and work to. Apparently anti-SJW author Vox Day is the owner/sponsor/patron. I'd never heard of him before nor read anything nor know anything about him. Don't worry if you are not alt-right or alt-left, you may express any viewpoint you like there by being clear about it, and hopefully representing as many angles as possible.

Who Is #Infogalactic?

Firstly and ironically, I'm a conspirophile progressive voluntaryist leaning more towards the independent alternative left (not in the corporate media pejorative alt-left, nor the insane SJW or feminazi, or even the mainstream corporate corrupt democratic retarded left) and I haven't seen any of this represented on Infogalactic, though I haven't looked. (I'm for the Green Party, and would rather vote for anti-war Ron Paul than sheepdog Bernie Sanders, though either would be superior to what's going on now.) So far from what I understand (based on Infogalactic News and Vox Day's patronage) many, if not most, of the InfoGalactic people seem to to be independent alternative right (not in the corporate media pejorative alt-right sense, nor in the mainstream retarded right), much like Gab. (I was on Gab a bit when it started but haven't been there for months and months.) I haven't socialized much on Infogalactic as I've simply enjoyed the freedom to publish articles censored elsewhere.

My Uncensored Infogalactic Articles

My troubles with Wikipedia started in 2015 as I tried to correct the 9/11 Truther Movement article and publish a James Corbett article. Despite learning from many mistakes, the sin of truethink got me banned from Wikipedia for a year (most of 2017). I re-posted that Corbett article on the semi-rational RationalWiki, thereafter perverted and referenced as "fake news" by The Washington Post via the CIA's "Prop-Or-Not" site - before I'd discovered InfoGalactic.

Hearing that Pizzagate was just a hint of a vaster long-running secret oligarch-run Pedogate network, I simply wanted to see a historical list to verify that this was authentic and truly prevalent. With lots of isolated stories online I could find no aggregated lists so I wrote a Pedophocracy article and started two compilation lists - Acknowledged Pedophilia Elites and Alleged Pedophilia Elites. I spent two dark weeks working on this and wish to never do that again, though as I come across it I have collected much more content and references to add later.

My unfinished overwhelming mess of a Truther article draft was censored on Wikipedia. One day I'll clean it up. Feel free to help.

What Or Who Is #Tigole?

I don't know. You tell me.

What I do know is in my Tigole article and he/she/they are a peer-to-peer (P2P) video sharing release group, pejoratively called Internet video pirates in regions where sharing is forbidden. Because dollar$.

"Tigole" most likely cums from "tigole bitties" aka "big ol' titties", like the "pr0n" for "porn".

Personally, I think Tigole is the best #movie ripper around, favoured for only high quality 1080p, yet with strong x265 HEVC compression, and abundant extras (many languages, commentaries, and featurettes), sharing mostly feature film movies with occasional documentaries and television series. The dread pirate Tigole has not shared ebooks, music, software, individual television episodes, video games, pornography, drugs, weapons, terrorism, or any other digital media (that I know of), and as my article states, "Tigole #torrents from international sources and content are mostly wide release English language productions, with many other popular European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese productions, with none from India or Africa yet."

Do I have all the Tigole movies? Heck no.

Will I ever watch all the Tigole movies I downloaded. Heck no.

I don't even watch many movies any more. I watch more YouTube videos (while they're still uncensored) than movies or television. The more "woke" I get the more I see through all their lies. The Zionist banksters are controlling the Zionist Washington consensus and the Zionist Hollywood propagandists and everything is about cultural engineering and rigged exploitative control systems.

One example of their brainwashing messages bombarded at us: "Support the troops". - WHY!?!

Support the troops to support war to exploit for privileged consumerist lifestyles under constant debt stresses to live the "dream" to consume or die trying.

Why should I support the troops who bomb millions for profits I'll never see, in my name with my taxes against my will? I'd rather see better food, healthcare, and education - globally.

Why should I support the disposable dogmatic brainwashed zombie troops who are trapped in a totalitarian hierarchical system that does not permit moral dissent or questioning of authority without severe penalty under it's own rigged "justice" system and are forced to do unspeakable things to poor people trapped and suffering under some other corrupt government system?

I'll fight for my own "freedoms" over here, thanks.

(For more insight into cultural engineering and mainstream propaganda you may have overlooked, read this article: "EXCLUSIVE: Documents expose how Hollywood promotes war on behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA - US military intelligence agencies have influenced over 1,800 movies and TV shows", buy their new book, or visit Tom Secker's SpyCulture.com or watch his ClandesTime channel on Vimeo.)

Why Do I Support #Tigole, #Infogalactic, and Steemit?

Resist as much, as long, and as hard as possible. These are just a few ways to flip off "the man". The more the merrier and harder to repress. Our fights are not with each other or those less privileged than us - we must punch upwards, not down. #FightElitesNotEachOther

Is it right to "share" or "steal" friendly copies? You decide.

Is it right that the corporations drags their heels when it's not profitable to innovate? You decide.

Streaming conventions are now abundant. They haven't always been. Maybe I'm just old school or an old fool, or both.

I hope one day to take samples from all of these high quality movies and compile them into an aesthetically pleasing pseudo mocumentary vomiting their hypocritical propaganda back at them in a subversive context that I prefer over their brainwashing "programs".

Why Should You Support Me On Steemit?

Because you give a shit. You also care about these causes I'm passionate about. Because you see that it's not all about the money for me, yet I also deserve to be compensated - not only for this wonderful article you're reading but also for my charitable "free" articles and work elsewhere you may never read.

Also... I'm independently developing an animated series that will likely be titled "Trutherism 101". It is still over a year away from launch. When I do launch it will be announced here on Steemit with details about the process and production that I will open source for continued development, hopefully with accumulating assistance for broader and faster production. I'd written several time consuming Steemit articles about this but found the dismal response deflating. So I've decided to start it alone, to eventually show you what I meant, to open source and then talk about it with enthused folks after they see the series beginning. (Feel free to contact me if you want to participate.)

Feel free to donate bitcoin to 1PTQtSVyBxuYRBk85bnEWd4mym5AukuU7y .

Vote for me and I promise like a politician to make all your dreams come true.

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