Ticket Ninja - Decentralized Blockchain Tickets (Because Nobody Likes Ticketmaster)

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Time To Cut Out The Price Gouging Middleman When Buying Tickets


To be clear, this is a concept that I would like to work on with a developer and some creative minds. I think this could really change the way we buy and sell tickets

Most of us in the United States are far too familiar with Ticketmaster. They sell tickets for everything from sporting events to concerts

I believe they are a monopoly and here's why

Monopoly - The exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.

If you can find a rival to ticketmaster that has any large market share in the USA, let me know, because I don't think one exists

Not only have they been forced to pay out money for their corrupt fees that include charging for buyers to print out tickets at home ("convenience fee"), but also made it next to impossible for many people to redeem the free tickets they received as the result of a giant lawsuit due to it's corrupt fees. See story here.

Ticketmaster needs some competition

What would blockchain technology do for the ticket business?

  • Easily issue ticket codes that could be verifiable by the blockchain
  • Record ticket sales
  • Easily allow for transfer of tickets to other people
  • Allow resellers to directly sell to ticket purchasers without fees
Ticket Mockup

Some other important features I believe would change the ticket buying experience

  • Allow artists to set prices in the blockchain for the maximum that their tickets can be resold for. No more companies buying out all the tickets and reselling for five times the price.
  • No more "scalpers" needed outside a venue. Simply buy through the app if you need a ticket
  • customers can buy tickets during an event as the sellers can decrease the price (if the concert is half over, people could buy the tickets at a discount and still see their favorite artist, while a seller could recoup some losses)
  • Follow artists and see when they come to the area

I think these features could be easily implemented into an app and I would love to work with someone on this. Fees will still need to be paid for those scanning tickets and there will always be people that may try to take a picture of a ticket (screenshot) and try to sell it. You would need a way to see who actually "owns" the ticket and have secure keys to transfer tickets to people

This is very much in the brainstorming phase, but I'd love to know what features people would like in an app. Anything from loyalty rewards to contests and everything in between

Time to give the power back to the people with Ticket Ninja!

If there are any developers that would like to try their hand at a project like this I'd be happy to work alongside as much as possible (I'm not a developer yet). I think with enough community involvement we can make an app to help out smaller artists and slowly scale up to much larger artists if successful

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This is a really great Idea! If ticket ninja primarily used SBD it might provide a lot of value for the steem ecosystem.

That could be a feature that is implemented for sure and gain some exposure for this platform and allow tickets to be bought by those who like to write great stories, but don't really want to move money into exchanges and connect to bank accounts.

I'm using a white label ticketing solution called radario. Its half the solution, but theres one thing to be considered for tickets - there are legal aspects because events usually need to be government-approved unless if its understandbly an anarchist event thats under the radar, or cryptos being accepted or masked from "official" records. That's the understanding I've gained from organizing fairly large events.

Very interestining @kevinwong! Can you point me to a link that shows some of the specifications for an event to be government approved?

@ bendjmiller222 Will contact you in Steemit Chat to discuss in more detail. Oh I see you are not on there... Can you please contact me on my Steemit Feature email? [email protected] for us to be in direct contact. Tx a lot

Awesome! I'm quite busy today, but always respond at the soonest time I can.

Check your Facebook inbox for an introduction with a buddy who grew an event ticket sales company. ;-)

(And review "The Art Of Asking Questions" again. He's a tough guy to get ahold of, so make sure what you send him counts.)

"Ticket Ninja - karate chopping through the competition to make for a better ticket buying experience!"

This seems like a great idea and I strongly encourage you to pursue it if you can find the right partner to help develop it, etc. Great initiative!

I have a few people with interest already, so thanks to steemit my idea may become a reality :)

Thanks to great ideas ever always like your post nice developing and creative ideas.

Thank You! I'd love to have steemit be a place that musicians can on and gain some traction and sell music and tickets directly to fans and have prices be low for buying and selling. Still very early, so any ideas you would want to see would be greatly appreciated.

Ooft, this is a fantastic idea. Here in the UK they are just as bad an alterative is sorely needed

Yes! I think a rival would at the very least keep some of the fees down. Most people I know loathe ticketmaster, but what options do we have other than not going to an event we'd like to enjoy?

I don't think the app itself would be incredibly complex, but I do think it would have some great advantages over the current system that Ticketmaster is in charge of.

That's Brilliant @bendjmiller222 -- just brilliant.

Thank you. I know it has the potential to rival a big company like ticketmaster, but will take some time to get it adopted by the public and will most likely remain grass roots for a while :)

Like it ! Im not a developer but I live in London and will be happy to help if and when needed ☺

Thank you! I was not 100% sure of the global scope of ticketmaster, but I was pretty sure that it is the king in most countries (first world that is possibly others).

Ticketmaster has no reason to give out any sort of loyalty rewards or truly take criticism to heart. They are worried about their bottom line (as most traded companies must be).

But there needs to be something better and the sooner the better. More rivals lead to better deals for consumers and since a lot of verification is directly on the blockchain, many fees can immediately be cut out.

I would love to make some money on this idea, but I don't need or really want millions of dollars from it. I want smaller artists to be able to keep more profit and be able to pursue their dreams without being enslaved to a major ticket company.

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