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Ticket Guide.

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We have all heard about Lotto syndicates, People joining together to buy lottery tickets. In the office the factory, a taxi rank.

All with the dream of hitting the big one! If just this one dram came true. With a pot that regularly grows to 100M in jackpot prize. Surely that is worth 1 Steem or even as low as 0.10 Steem the equivalent of about 0.03 cents USD right now.
0.10 Steem for two draws 0.05 Steem per draw.

This **Ticket** is purchased from personal finance with support from @thehive and @thealliance community's. Subscription is done through transfer of **0.10 Steem** upto **1.00 Steem** to @yeswecan. Minimum Subscription: **0.10 Steem** Maximum Subscription: **1 Steem** A maximum of 10 subscriptions is allocated to an account each week. Monthly, ½ yearly, ¼ yearly or yearly subscription will only be processed manually to ensure the correct subscription are given.

Each subscription is accumulated toward a slice of the Jackpot pie.
One subscription is = to 0.10 Steem sent to @yeswecan
1 Steem sent to @yeswecan is equal to ten subscriptions

Monthly Subscription.
Monthly or longer subscriptions are added why the week.
10 Steem sent for a ten week subscription will be added at ten subscriptions for 10 weeks.

Weekly Subscriptions.
Weekly subscription receive any Ticket rewards based on the subscriptions for that week an all wins below €300.
Small wins deemed as anything below €3,000.00 will be shared equally with that week's subscribers.
Any win over €3,000.00 will be divided by accumulated subscription.

Accumulated Subscription.
Accumulated subscription is the total subscriptions from all weeks. This accumulation is used to divide any win over €3,000.00

All wins
On all wins the @yeswecan account will claim 10% of the reward.
Small wins are divided on a weekly subscription.
Big wins are divided on an accumulation of subscription.
Any win under €300 will be accumulated to 300 or more before conversion to BTC and then Steem for division among subscribers. These subscriptions are fulfilled based on the week the Ticket hit.

When sending Subscription please state in the MEMO the number of week's you would like to subscribe to if more than one week.

Subscription Term.
The length of a subscription is one week. This week runs from AM Tuesday to PM Monday.
Any Subscription after PM Monday UK time will be deemed as a subscription to draws a week later. This is absolute to avoid any confusion about when a subscription is valid for in case of a dispute.

Contact @thehive with any queries or extended subscriptions.

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