#thursdaygreen : This is SFW

in thursdaygreen •  5 months ago

The first time I stumbled upon the nsfw tag curiosity made me click it open since I didn't know what it stood for. I only had my mouth ajar and eyes bulging as I hurriedly vamoosed. I'm not a saint because I am even planning to SIN right now.

I got to see these love birds insect grasshoppers as I made my way to take some shots for #colorchallenge. To me, they seemed to be doing something that merits NSFW but theirs us SFW=SAFE FOR WORK, and that's why I am sharing it with you.

Credit: @emjoe

This is my contribution to the daily #colorchallenge post. I once got a similar shot that I featured in my #wednesdayyellow post sometime ago. Take a look below

Lone Star 😂


My Signout Message Is:

Choices Are Different Just Like Our Faces.



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Hahaha... I bet they didn't liked you being there... Intervening their quality time😉😉😉

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Lol. I will try not to intrude next time during their love moment :)

hahaha this made me laugh so much emjoe


Haha. Thanks, I'm glad it did

Haha, Love is in the air :) Everywhere I look around...
CIMG1164_000 2.jpg
I caught these two on my window blind :)


Haha, I can see the love.

Nice shot you have there. Thanks for coming around