Still On SIN2: Tick Tock 🕒

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The countdown for this life changing experience still continues. In case you missed what it is in stock for the event, You can read my earlier post about it on this post or see some very interesting things and support from Steemit Inc here.


The answer lies on the need to have the platform and entire blockchain promoted across the entire African continent. SIN = STEEMIT IN NIGERIA. it is our own version of steemfest. This year's event is the second edition of the annual event. Hence the acronym SIN. IT is about 26days to the event. Check out the countdown banner below


That's the symbol of our legislative body 👆 up there.

To see what the program will be like, checkout the image below


The event was chosen to end a few days to the official STEEMFEST event in Poland so that we can also be available to enjoy the STEEMFEST3 event.

To know more about the event, please visit, and you will be glad you did. I know I won't make it to Steemfest3 but I don't think I am willing to miss going to SIN 😂.

DO you have any plans if attending something like an end of the year event related to Steem? Please do well to share.


My Signout Message Is:

Please Be There.



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That a nice way to say it...
I like SIN



Thanks for liking SIN but please don't sin today.