Epstein's 1953 Trust: Funding AI & Transhuman Tech Via Bill Gates? Solving The Mystery Of Jeffrey Epstein's Last Will

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In breaking news it has been announced that Jeffrey Epstein's half a billion dollar estate is to be mostly left to a mystery trust called the 1953 trust. It has also been reported that he named an adviser to Bill Gates as a backup executor (who has since claimed he knew nothing about it). I recently exposed how Bill Gates was not only on Epstein's plane in 2013 but that that Gates' own engineer was also arrested in that same year at Gates' mansion for possession of 6000+ images of child abuse and rape! What exactly is Gates' connection to Epstein?

In this video I analyse the number 1953 using the esoteric tool of Gematria - discovering some interesting connections that suggest he may have left his money to projects which develop AI and cyborg tech that perhaps he hoped might one day bring back to life his frozen corpse!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul



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I'm currently reading "Fall, or Dodge in Hell" by Neal Stephenson. It's about Billionaires doing just that. Scanning them after death and uploading them into cloud. There has only been a little sex and no pedophilia so it's not exactly the same.

I find the timing of my reading it to be a bit synchronistic.

I'm halfway through the book now. It's excellent, I recommend it.

UPDATE: I just realised that Jeffrey Epstein was born in 1953 - so perhaps that's all there was in that name, but maybe not!

Jeffrey Eipstein money given to a 1953 trust? I never knew Jeffrey upclose, but the fact that his billion dollars venture nigiht awaken him someday is definitely proposterous, it might even be something More huge and yet uncovered really, I don't know his connections to Bill Gates, but I believe there's no smoke without fire, love your analysis on the 1953 trust

I don't think the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) is the solution here.

Why do you think PLAoC isn't the solution here? Is it the DoD or PLAoC who protects child rape resorts? Is it the MSS or the CIA who protect the child rapists? When a child raping network is found in china, do you think there is only one individual behind bars? Would the chinese let someone like Ghislaine Maxwell not even with an international arrest warrant?

Furthermore as the childrapists are about enslavement, isn't liberation the perfect appropriate name?

But afterall, each is own choice, some read the art of the deal, the other the art of war, but only one was originally written in Mandarin (I guess :D, but who knows... that's the beauty of China).

I suggest learning about the state organised live organ harvesting systems in place in China - abduction, torture and murder for profit of political and spiritual opponents is in no way an improvement over Epstein's gang:

You know, if they can keep and run a pedo rape resorts for so long, don't you think they have their organ harvesting program? Why are you so naive?

Personally, I feel safe in China ! I don't plan to overthrow the CCP and find most of their choices very rational, logical and worst, the best available at each set of time.

but if you don't want to speak about the proven childrape problem of the west your call...

I don't have to argue with you, and you would have to defeat CCP to impose your view point !

so I wish you gl & hf !

Your logic here contains denial. Firstly, I didn't say that they don't have organ harvesting programs - maybe they do. We don't have evidence of that. However, my understanding is that China has cornered the market for illegal organ harvesting. Secondly, Even if Epstein was doing organ harvesting, that doesn't change the fact that it is completely obvious that another group who also does illegal organ harvesting is obviously no better. We have more choices here than being forced to choose between two groups of extremely evil people who deny free will for their own power gain and greed.

but if you don't want to speak about the proven childrape problem of the west your call...

Again, your logic makes no sense here since I actually am talking about the child rape problem - which is a global one. It's one of the topics I address regularly.

you would have to defeat CCP to impose your view point !


Why would you say that it's epstein who did the unvoluntary organ harvesting? I didn't. I think he was serving a niche of the market in sexualrape / sacrifices of children, but not in the organ harvesting for transplant.

you would be surpised that the Organ farming in china was quite developed and well regulated, at least that's what I guess. there is no reason for me to believe any western propagandists anymore, at least in regards to their critism of this China !

On what is your understanding based? on CIA leaked to their agents in public propaganda? FOX news? maybe Alex Jones? those guys, including the CIA have really not much access to China... it's easy for them to fuck american children on islands for their masters, but, China... they have a tendency to quickly release their body fluids :D.

Then, I am curious if the OFP should be extended to foreign spies food inside china? myself, I always advocated to cook the meat and send it back in virginia... so the families can eat their own.

I know it's a little bit brutal, or "thugish" or cartelish, but against beast child raping, I find it totally moderated.

sadly, no there isn't much choice... or you are with child rapists (usa, uk and co), or with China... and the sad thing is that you will not have a choice, the more the conflicts will intensify, the harder the lines will be, however it's always possible to chose a side and then switch ! it's just the transition as a state that is harder...

simple question : to whome belongs taiwan? A : taiwan is part of One China, internal matter, between Beijing (Central gov) and the rogue province.

HK? Chinese territory since... who knows...

SCS? a problem? okay, defeat the wall...

I hope you get paid extra :D.

the most important aspect of war, is by definition the respect of a just chain of command... when the Khan says left, you go left, you don't ask, his justness was proven earlier. I know it's hard for the individualists arrogant great so smart so best american, but that's how war are made and won.

renonce, or let it go, and it will go faster... and anyway most of the time it's "wait"...

you know if there was a chinese state sponsored child rape resorts, the high def sattelite pictures would be everywhere... you know the high def one, able to read hand writting from space, count the hairs with an AI... yeah... those who turn always on... ohh, but that's confidential, only for the "vips"... need to make those sec clearance yielding...

Some of the evidence of the events in China is in the evidence I already provided. There is testimony from a Doctor who admits to having been forced to remove organs from people in China who had been sentenced to death and then deliberately not fully killed, in order for the doctor to remove their organs while they were still alive. Many such people are part of the Falun Gong movement - chosen for their organ health without having committed any crimes.
You can watch the video.
The session which that video is taken from includes testimonies from many people exposing serious crimes around the world, including in Britain - it is not 'Anti Chinese propaganda' - it is an attempt to heal the world and clean up the many evils that are all around.

I am not pro war, I am pro peace. War has never achieved anything except for pain and trauma.

If you really think that I am either with the child rapists or with China - then you really need to open your mind and heart to a wider reality here.

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