Con-Trolling The Web: How Understanding Real Balance Will Defend Us Against Big Tech's Social Engineering.

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Google, Facebook and other tech giants are on a course to curtail freedom online and limit free speech/will. Shadowy groups already pay for armies of trolls to harass and divide online communities - How much has this affected the way we treat each other already? What can we do to clean out the trolls from beneath our bridges to freedom and to each other?

James Corbett's Documentary on Silicon Valley's shadowy background as a CIA created control machine:

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Well put. I really think humanity might be ready AND able to change now. I hope for the best.

I feel this way because I'm talking to more people that are now seeing gurgle and facefart for what they are and are doing, and its making them go, hmmm, or in other words, they are starting to think.

I think with this NEW combo of tools we the people have access to, cryptocurrency, censorship resistance and distributed everything. We the people may be able to just simply tell "them" to go pound sand. With these tools we can now communicate and transact with each other WITHOUT a middleman! The rules are FIXED and applied to everyone equally, that in itself is a big change.

I understand and fully agree with you about the divide and conquer tactics being used. I'm thinking that people in general may be less cranky and more polite when they shed all those parasites keeping them down.

We can achieve this peacefully too, we don't need to fight, we just change our behavior. To achieve this change we could simply ignore "them". We dont have to "shoot", just change. The jails may still work and "they" might start shooting. But with crypto we stop feeding the beast by not using its money and they can't just reach into your bank account and take your money, with censorship resistance they can't shutdown your voice and with distributed everything they can't stop us from interacting. They will have to start ASKING us, nicely I say, for any assistance.

I see hope, real hope and possibility for the first time in a long time.

Change is coming, absolutely.. The exact form is up to us! :)

The "up to us" part is what makes me both worried and excited.

I am always more worried that important things are up to someone else - since it usually involves them denying my needs!

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