New Study on 911: NIST Version Of World Trade Center Building 7 Collapse Proven False By Professor of Structural Engineering, Leroy Hulsey

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After 4 years of academic study at the Fairbanks University, Alaska, new conclusions have been drawn regarding the controversial collapse of World Trade Center building 7 at the time of the 911 events in New York – 2001. Despite not being hit by a plane and only suffering minor damage and office fires, WTC7 came down at near free fall speed into it’s own footprint – completely shocking thousands of architects, engineers and other specialists who openly stated since the tragic events of 911 that something was not right there. The government’s own ‘NIST’ report into 911 tried to claim that the building had collapsed due to softened steel as a result of relatively minor office fires.

This new report exposes incorrect assumptions and several key ‘errors’ that were made by the authors of the NIST report, which led to wildly false results in their report. The reality shown to us by this new, comprehensive study, is that WTC7 could not possibly have come down due to fires and that in fact, the only way that the building could have collapsed in the way that the evidence shows us it did, is if all the interior and exterior columns failed almost simultaneously. While the report does not go as far as speculating about how this could have occurred – the reality is that this could only have occurred due to deliberate demolition.

In this video I take you through an overview of the draft version of the paper and show some background evidence and interviews, including showing how the NIST report’s own authors later admitted that they were ‘set up to fail’ and that the government didn’t want them asking any tough questions!

Please check out the report in full via the AE911Truth link below and also share this video to your social networks – you know this isn’t going to get any REAL coverage in the mainstream at all.

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Leroy Hulsey’s Bio:
Architects & Engineer’s for 911 Truth:


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I showed my current girlfriend/future wife the 10 second video of the Building 7 collapse on our first actual date. Her response being "that looks like a demolition".

Over one year later...

Sounds like a keeper! ;)

Interesting engineering analysis, now thanks to the structure simulators a certain event of construction failures can be calculated.

There are many theories about what happened on September 11, one of the most sustained is that economic factors are behind this WTC attack.

Thanks to its publication, I learned that one of the buildings collapsed (building 7) but that one of the planes did not directly impact it.

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks sharing the intervire video

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9/11 was inside job and Trump hate to say this because he is jew

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