If they set your fine to £1776, proceed immediately to the nearest corner store to buy a lottery ticket!

Thank you for this great video, @threespeak we have our freedom of speech! I personally support Tommy's case, and hoping that everything would alright!

Any Comments on the milo article about southern and her Crew Scamming you and your wife?

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All the best, Tommy, from Dumbarton, Scotland. When are you going to speak out about the recent revelations surrounding Caolan Robertson and his boyfriend?

Thank you for sharing this video

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thanks for your excellent reveiw. keep it up

3speak test comment

Hope all goes well on the 4th & 5th, I'll be there supporting you. You need to get a load more vids uploaded to 3speak as there seems to be a bit of a different audience on here, some may not be so aware of what TR stands for and does. It never hurts to spread the good word.

great video good luck for the 4th mate

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Praying for you Tommy 🙏 unlawful arrest and bogus charges. They are indicting only their own failed rule of law.

Thank you for being you.
From Israel with love.

Always support you sir in this fight of freedom of speech. Our community is very supportive #3speak is becoming a voice of freedom on blockchain.

@tommyrobinson, Hope that soon you will come out of this Tough and Rough phase. My good wishes are with you and your family. Stay blessed.

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