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Livestream recording: In this ask me anything @andrarchy, @theycallmedan, @anarcotech and @wehmoen talked about 3Speak. What it is right now, what it should be in the future, about the problems many content creators face today and why free speech is so important.


40:40 - Start

44:40 - Real start

45:00 - andrarchy about Steem

47:00 - 3speak creators

51:00 - 3speak ONLY for the deplatformed?

"Youtube does not make any money."

56:15 - Is 3speak underdevelopped?

59:00 - Livestream as a challenge

1:02:00 - "Free money" for comments

1:03:40 - Why "3"?

1:05:15 - Why do you need the Steem blockchain?
"Proof of Brain algorithm"

1:17:10 - Building a new economy

"Skin in the game"

1:24:10 - Citizen journalists

1:28:00 - Big tech companies missuse their powers

"Mainstream Media twists"

1:32:10 - Enabling the transfer of Digital Ownership

"Smart Media Tokens"

"Building bridges between left and right media"

1:37:50 - The fear of being deplatform and the consequences

1:39:00 - Unifying mechanism of a Token

1:44:00 - Native App?

1:44:30 - 2nd spring for Steem?

1:48:50 - Youtubes iron grip on the market

1:51:30 - High interest by big Youtubers

1:52:30 - Content creators come first

1:54:20 - End

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I think a big advantage that the videos will not be deleted will be deep fake in the future. In a few years you will not be able to say whether the person to be seen in a video is really the person.

So the source is always reliable.

With Blockchain technology we have the chance to confirm the "identity" via private keys.

So it is more difficult to manipulate something

Thus, manipulations can be ruled out with higher probability.

I see the fututre and I also see what the Steem Blockchain can be. Also the projects that start here.

I see what you're saying. Interesting concept! Thanks for bringing that up. I'd like to hear more about it sometime... if you have any good links on that topic I'd be glad to see them, @freddio!

@threespeak, It was Productive session and i really want to appreciate @oracle-d, @theycallmedan, @starkerz @wehmoen, @anarcotech and @andrarchy for their inputs and time towards this important Discussion.

And also i want to appreciate your step towards rewarding Viewers who contributed their time and thoughts.

Keep up team and stay blessed.

Do you think steem will hit $10?

Unless it is somehow destroyed (or 100% abandoned), the only question is "when".
And yeah, that's a very good question. A billion-dollar question, even.

the question is rather HOW strong Token economics (SPK in the case of 3speak) influence the price of Steem.

Great, great, great AMA. Problem with dec.platform is people will never understand why free speech is so important till it doesnt effect then. I am content creator on youtube since 2016. Made 650 videos and one day I got demonitize and they delete 320 videos in range of 2 weeks. Coudnt make video, comment to my community, nothing. And same problem is with bank etc. Thats why I am so happy we have 3speak. I am in love with your platform.

Thank you AMA for this fantastic program, I believe we have all enjoyed, following this program, by the way at some point my phone was disturbing me, but I manage to follow the the discuss of the recording. Many thanks to @theycallmedan, @starkrz, @anarcotech and @oracle-d for your immense support for making this program a success, it was kikim @threespeak!!!!

I have to catch the end of the stream still but the parts I heard were great to see as it went further than just the technology and the underlying concept of sharing news with perspective was great. Look forward to more!

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It was an interesting conversation to watch and engage with. I am looking forward for more diverse content creators coming to 3Speak.

It's going to be interesting to see where 3speak goes. Of course there are people being denied an outlet my repressive regimes, but there are also people being shunned by the big 'mainstream' companies for spreading hate speech. Of course that is subjective, but when is racism a good thing? @andrarchy says there will be limits such as child pornography, but where do you draw the lines? There is also a difference between allowing free speech and supporting it financially.

What happens when local law enforcement comes knocking over you hosting videos that are in contempt of court? In an ideal world you can have any possible content, but you have to host these things somewhere and you are subject to the laws there. I know Steemit has had to take down stuff for DCMA. Of course it will still be on the blockchain, but the actual videos have to be hosted somewhere.

Listening to @anarcotech it sounds like the @threepeak team is not only tech savvy but are looking to have their finances under control as well and that is great to hear.

Keep up the pace, great job so far. I'm pretty impressed with the threespeak trending page.

Frustrated that I missed this 'live'.....not sure why I didn't get notified....hmmmmm

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Regarding the interface. At first, it's not clear that the "thumbs up" = Steem upvote and the "Donate" = SPK.


what else could the thumbs up be? On almost every platform that I know it is to like your content, which for Steem users results in an upvote.

Thanks for the reply. It's clear that the thumbs up is for liking content...

However, what I'm getting at is that @threespeak is bringing over creators/users who may have 0 previous knowledge of crypto and maybe won't even understand that the platform is running on top of Steem.

Therefore, if you're looking for a clear, easy to understand interface I'm making the suggestion that you somehow denote that the thumbs up is related to Steem.

Keep up the good work.

You've got my witness vote. Keep up the good work!

Do you think it is a good time to reduce inflation?
I mean, not like right now but in one or two years?

Inflation for Steem?

This sounds to be a great discussion going around steem economics and growth.

Why cant we upload videos on 3speak?

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Watch the video :) It's all explained in the video.

Application based for certain people. Usually, people who have been deplatformed or censored.

That doesnt make sense.
It has to have alot of people uploading videos.

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Not really. If the creators have a lot of followers it doesn't matter if 10,000 video uploaders vs. one with 1 million watchers.

You have a point

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As we are promoting #freespeech with #threespeak, why is there censorship in getting enrolled to @threespeak?

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"why is there censorship in getting enrolled to threespeak?"
What censorship?
3Speak is someone's website, not a public utility. Nobody is guaranteed membership to the platform. Selecting content-creators isn't censorship. You might as well ask your local TV station why they're censoring you for not letting you participate in their on-air programs.

Yoooon drutter!!! Been following u since 2009!! Let’s go!

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Yooo man, it's good to stay in touch with people who were there from the start! Those were some interesting times... as are these :)

The good ole silver days 🤑

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3Speak is not open for the public yet. Please watch the video for more information.


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I will like to give some delegation to @steemchurch. Let talk on twitter same username bro

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How can I upload my content to threespeak? content creator form wasn't working?

At the moment the applications are closed. Follow the @threespeak blog for updates :)

Good luck guys!

Introduction music goes way to long.

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I’m on the road but will catch the replay! Thanks for sharing boss 😎 Resteemed!

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It was so awesome 👍 I really benefited from the discussion "AMA" I was there as well. Thanks to @theycallmedan, @anadrarchy, @anarcotech, @wehmoen who really spoke about 3speak and enlightened us more. BOOM 💥

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