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The internet as we know is built insecure.

Ask forgiveness, not permission.

I talk about what I'm invested in and what I see has the most potential.

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Love it man, every time you get fired up....It helps us all lol

The big point you made is something we all have so much trouble with..We wanna ask for permission..Instead of seeking forgiveness. That's such a powerful lesson in business and in life...

But even more so on Steem. Great message man! Appreciate this!

If people took the energy they invest into screaming on the internet and converted it into real, positive action in the world—can you even IMAGINE the good we could do?

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Nice vid... I still wanna know what the investors said about STEEM reading your post. Was waiting for it the whole video.

I’d have to make a whole video on their thoughts. Overall cautiously bullish. Keep in mind they are cautious with all crypto, even bitcoin. I can say they understand Steem and see it as way undervalued. Not $$ advice obv, crypto is highly risky.

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So they are investing I guess? And cautiously bullish as in long term or short term?

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I guess we'll see :) - Bullish all around I got the hint. Steem is ready today, only a matter of a big project taking notice and jumping onboard.

Right now I'm grateful for the 14 minutes I got to spend watching your wisdom-filled rant. Thanks my friend; you are the man :-)

That woulda, coulda, shouda... attitude never wins at the end of the day, just get shit done. #Resteemed.

Nothing to say, everything you post is awesome.! My friend @theycallmedan

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You're definitely spot on here, I must admit we've all been waiting for the SMT when @aggroed and co came up with steem engine, yeah a few people have been castigating it that it isn't the SMT, but like you said, they'd obviously take it, do it and ask for forgiveness. A lot of people has been sitting ducks when it comes to Steem I guess always finding reasons why they can't be bullish, it's rather the natural phenomenon these days. Lessons well learnt. Awesome vlog

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Great video, I really like it!

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@theycallmedan, Free Will doesn't need Permission. But definitely Free Will needs the direction to achieve the path of empowerment and focus should be building a world where everyone holds the resource to build their own world. We all are creators just fields are different and numbers are different. Stay blessed brother.

Good @theycallmedan

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Amazing video Dan!

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Impressed that true, I join your account because if the publications are like this sure I will be hooked hehehe greetings

Greetings Sir. Please how are you? I love your video in this Speak, lovely one.

Looking forward to listen to this later today!

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Nice talk.... Any way... If translate available, many PPL who have 'donate' their data for free Will know what they have done.

Subtitle plz