I have an announcement.

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I wanted to wait until I got back to break the news: I have officially joined 3Speak!


Full Disclosure: Oracle-D & I have agreed to a 50/50 equity partnership in 3Speak.

The goal of 3Speak is to give a home for all of the deplatformed content creators out there.

https://3speak.online/ is built to be a high-performance platform, boasting the ability to host HD videos & live streams, forever. The reason we can achieve elite performance is because 3Speak is specially designed for content creators who have been demonetized, shadow banned, or outright banned/censored from centralized platforms. We don't host illegal content, as long as the content is legal, it will be supported by 3Speak. The goal is to have a respectable, fair & censorship resistant platform that puts creators first, not the big ad companies.

3Speak is a perfect market/timing fit, and I could not be more happy to join forces with the well-respected powerhouse that is Oracle-D!

Strap on your seat belts, we are just getting started!

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Super Excited to 3Speak

high-performance platform, boasting the ability to host HD videos & live streams, forever

Bring it On Dan & Oracle-D

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Please reconsider where you are hosting this if you chose the UK. Your chosen paradigm for what constitutes illegality is seriously flawed.
"3. No illegal content (as defined under British law)."
This is a huge problem. The UK has very expansive hate and offensive speech net. Once a content creator banned elsewhere sees you are adhering to British law, they will be looking for the exists. Host this in the US or suffer for it. I'm not being hyperbolic here, and I am upvoting this before the 15 minute window for visibility.

The videos, livestreams and livestream VOD's are not stored on servers in the United Kingdom.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

So why adhere to UK law and not some other jurisdiction? That is not secondary to where they are stored in terms of your pitch supporting free speech. Given the current political climate, how is this not obvious?

Thoughts @brianoflondon?

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I've applied for a creator account for myself and I'll be evaluating it.

I'd love to find a good livestream alternative to Periscope and YouTube. I'm so pissed off with YouTube who send me emails almost every night placing all my Tommy Robinson videos into limited state.

Check out @vimm while you wait. If nothing else, simulcast when 3speak goes live!

I like the fact you actually work!

If this is true that it is hosted in the UK, then you are absolutely correct that hosting needs to be moved to another country pronto! The UK's laws on what is and isn't illegal are far to vague and broad, and would endanger the platform. The service needs to be moved to a country like Norway, Switzerland, or the US, in order to avoid government mandated censorship of legitimate topics.

Nothing for 3Speak is hosted on servers in the UK.

Excellent! Good to know!

How does UK law compel you? Are you HQ'd there? If you think hosting content outside of the UK absolves you of UK law, why have that in your FAQ?

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Thank you for your comment. Actually we have to update our FAQ to reflect the actual situation. Be assured that the content is not hosted directly in the United Kingdom but in several other locations close to the UK.

Edit: The FAQ page is now updated: https://3speak.online/intl/faq

Thanks for clarifying. Good to know. That was very alarming to read considering the UK is almost Orwellian in it's attempts to curb free speech. I've been following many related stories. Best of luck and looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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We always appreciate feedback. If you would like to stay in touch feel free to join our Discord server: https://discord.me/3speak

I will also add that a large number of already banned content creators are British.
@tommyrobinson (Currently on STEEM), Sargon of Akkad (Has a STEEM account), Milo Yiannopoulos, Count Dankula, Paul Joseph Watson... These are just off the top of my head.

Tommy Robinson is an ass. Seriously, a thug and an idiot. Your average Joe don't like him much in Britain.

Almost 40,000 people got out to vote for him. Those of us who have had access to the behind the scenes of his social media and direct comms channels for a few years also know a very different story of the level of public support (which most people will not express in public).

Idiot: he's one of the brightest people I know and work with on a daily basis. You might take a British class based approach to him because of his accent but the guy is seriously smart. If you know the signs, you can see it in his ability to process information and get points across while speaking off the cuff.

But I do love that so many of his enemies completely underestimate him. As for being a thug, he knows how to punch back. He's a lot more controlled than when he was a young kid and before he was a father but he's never going to take shit from anyone.

How convenient that most people will not express their support for him in public. Kinda makes it hard to quantify then.

And I certainly don't judge him based on class or accent given my background. Lol.

That has ZERO to do with the argument I am trying to make. How is your opinion of his character relevant?

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I like to chime in when someone not from the UK mentions him. It's my new thing. You will note I didn't respond to your argument merely to the addendum which mentioned dear Tommy.

Looks like joshman doesn't like the comment, but I was thinking this too haha and when I saw some people happy he was on Steem 🤦‍♀️

Yeah, I got that impression too :0D

I'm glad I'm not the only one! The frothing nethered joy of some on his arrival was quite alarming!!

Thank God my parents left the UK.

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Well, congrats on adding absolutely no value to the conversation.

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I beg to differ but such are the vagaries of free speech!

Ironically my first instinct was to downvote you. Luckily I don't succumb to my worst instincts. I just like to keep it topical.

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I did a write up on this while you were gone. An exciting project. Hopefully some big names are drawn to Steem because of this initiative.

There are a lot of video content creators being attacked by the established social media sites. While I might not agree with their views, I do agree they should not be censored or shut down. This bogus line about hate speech is ridiculous. It is just an excuse to censor.

I am glad you designed a platform to provide for them and where the content remains. This is a wonderful idea.

Do you have any plans regarding evergreen rewarding? The reward window limited to 7 days is big turn off for creators. If it can be made everlasting, we will have much easier time to convince people to switch even for creators that aren't deplatformed (yet).

Yes. We have plans to support content creators for more than the 7 days they can earn through Steem. Follow our Blog for News, Updates and Announcements.

I would like to know about it and looking forward to more details..!!

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This looks promising and perhaps a game changer.

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What is the meaning of the name "3Speak"?

3 = > Free
Speak = > Speech

3Speak => Free Speech

Awesome to see you behind this as the opportunity to improve upon video content delivery is great given everything happening in the decentralized environments being created! Look forward to more details!

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

You will always be full of fun and great stuffs. Thanks for letting us know this. see a big picture with your collaboration with @Oracle-d.

Though am not well informed on how 3Speak works. I'll check out ASAP

Would I be a good fit at 3speak?
I've been deplatformed from FB completely, never allowed back, and lost a lot of activism pages, groups, and events.
I've been active on YT for 10+ years, shadowbanned for most of that time, and they appear to be making moves to delete me for good soon.
I talk about cannabis, not necessarily legal though. I'm an activist who uses civil disobedience (breaking unjust laws peacefully and in public) to make positive change in the world. My wife @MediKatie has cancer that is kept in remission by cannabis oil. We have fought prohibition for many years, and now there is "legalization" here in Canada, but most of what we do remains illegal. That's why we have to go on, but we're being shut down and censored everywhere we go, because we speak the truth.
I've almost stopped doing videos, because YT censors them and DTube doesn't really work.
But the "legal only" thing might be a problem, I guess?
I also talk about Liberty, free speech, privacy, philosophy, and conspiracies (things the mainstream platforms do not tolerate).

You should apply!

Congrats for this achievement!

Congratulation my friend for officially join of 3speak. Good luck to you to achieve next level.

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If dan and oracle-d is here of course its an awesome Project would like to try it.

Just a few minutes ago we spoke in the Steem telegram group about your plans with a streaming platform 😅
And here's your announcement, fantastic timing 😄
I wish you much, much success @theycallmedan
Have a great day

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3speak shows a lot of promise. That was the reason I was so interested in it when I first came across it.
My excitement remains in all time high for 3speak, but learning that I must have been banned, demonetized or censored in any other platform to be a part of it was the end of my journey within 3speak.
I love the concept and wish it well from the sidelines.

It is a great place to put your resources into. Keep it up, Dan.
This is going to be home to a lot of creatives to feel free to create.

View counter and permanence of storage. Boom! Awesome stuff!

First saying that you dont support illegal content (depends on country) and then that you want to support shadowbanned content creators is a paradoxon.

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People are often banned for unpopular but totally legal opinions. 3Speak give these creators a new platform where they can express their opinion as they want. For more information about this checkout our FAQ's: https://3speak.online/intl/faq

It's a beginning

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2speak , i believe this will have good impact in the community. this will boost up the moral of the writers, mining steem is not only what you can speak but , it is the way you speak the ideas and the passion on how you interact with the viewers and the readers.

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This is really cool move @theycallmedan

The platform will rock for sure... Best wishes to both of you.

Can you share how this platform is censor resistant? With D.Tube videos are addressable via IPFS, and as long as someone pins them they are very hard to censor. What does 3Speak do?

I have a question:

When the testing mode will be ended? Because i want to start using 3Speak for my vlogs, but i heard that is really hard to be a tester.

GodSpeed ! 💙

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Interesting! Resteemed this article. Thank you for writing @Oracle-D. I am Japanese Oracle-D content creator.

A little confused

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the start is amazing the journey will be more epic all the best

Please. I'm still confused about the 3Speak! I need more light on this. Thanks @theycallmedan

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Have you signed up any of the outcasts so far?

Thank you @theycallmedan for this great job, we are waiting to here such great news of this kind!

That's gonna be a great marketing strategy since there is a real need for a censorship resistant platform.

Awesome partnership by the way ;)

Now, that's an announcement! I am not a video creator, but having your content hosted forever is a must for a video platform to lift off. And you guys offer it. Together with being censorship resistant, you have a strong niche, I believe.

I checked out a few videos. They run very smoothly, including when I tried to skip to a certain time. Maybe the servers won't handle it exactly the same when the platform becomes more popular, but right now it runs perfectly.

Plus, both you Dan and Oracle-D guys understand business (and marketing), so if all goes well I see 3Speak growing fast, at least in its niche. One more attraction point to our Steem ecosystem!


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wow! great news! Congrats!

Is this a Steem Project, will it have delegation?
Will it have a token?
Where will it trade?

Hello!, I invite you to follow me, I upload content made by me, I hope you help me by going through my blog, thank you very much <3

Cool development Dan. I shall watch with interest. I stopped making much video content using DTube for a variety of reasons. I've seen a few people posting with 3speak and meant to look into what it is properly.

I think if this is marketed intelligently to the mainstream - like steemit should have been - it could bring that mass adoption to steem from a video content perspective. I can see this snow balling if people who've been persecuted on YouTube come to 3speak and are actually supported, and earn better, than they were previously on YouTube. If that happens, all the other YouTubers will notice and wonder why they're creating on a centralised platform when there's a better alternative out there.

Nice move! I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon. All the best 🙂👍

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That's a great news.

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This is really awesome. I think you are the perfect guy to get this run!

Maybe we can support account creation for projects like yours, with something like "Burn Post". With the different, we use the Steem for creating new accounts for intstant sign up.

Forevah evah and evah evah? Nice man! Good luck with this and hope it will bring a lot of people on Steem.

They shadowbanned me on FB just because I promoted steem. Mothafuckaz!

See ya around! Peace yo!

Mothafukaz xD

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W8, is this on steem?


Kewl. That's what I want to hear :)

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I was blocked in twitter and youtube as well. On twitter because I was promoting steem and on youtube because I was saying the truth about something. You can't imagine how I will feel better if they let me in 3speak. They still don't accept everybody and I don't know why.

What? Twitter banned you for promoting Steem? What exactly did you write?

nothing, I was just sharing my steemit links for a year, once a day, no spamming, and they blocked me and removed all my content, followers and everything.


Storing huge amount of data comes with a lot of costs for traffic and actual storage and encoding. For more informations about 3Speak please checkout our FAQ: https://3speak.online/intl/faq

If it's 50/50 partnership, so @theycallmedan may decide things as well.

3speak ?

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Yes on steem :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeeee :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Great news... I hope oneday they will accept my application.. I applied but .... I guess I am not eligible for 3speak... :( :(

Ha! I knew something big was about to come and there it is.
May all those who have been struggling to get their content seen because of all sorts of censorship, find the perfect shelter.

Great news Dan and @oracle-d!!

Hey Dan,
How are you doing? How is your new bride? I hope you guys are doing wonderful.

This project is a great initiative and a once in a lofe time opportunity for Indie artist like us. The applications are limitless. Talk about about hosting an online concert and more. I speak for most people when I say "we appreciate what you guys are doing". Cheer!!

Haven't tried it, maybe I should.

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Very good news and this union. Congratulations for this great and excellent news that makes us very happy.

I post alt-health topics and I self-censor on YT, so I have not been banned. You have to watch it with words over there such as "fermentation" and "detox." Can't be having promotion of ways to avoid antibiotics, lol.

Best of luck for this new endeavor though I wish they were a STEEM dApp. You might want to go into the discord group of "decentralized truth" and also add the tag "informationwar" to this post to find your peeps and help them find you.

There is almost no information on steemit about 3speak.

This is the first public announcement ;)

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I think this is what I need! Gonna dive in and check her out! Thank you

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First time am hearing of 3 speak.

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Great project! Giving a voice to those not begin heard is not only fair, but can even prevent people from going to drastic measures to get their voices heard.

Not saying that freedom of speech and censorship-freedom means that you deserve to be heard by everyone, but you deserve a platform where you are allowed to voice your opinions

The problem of legal problems and hosting complexity can not be sought, the twentieth century can not be sought. Even after being Maybe you will not be seen once. Thank you so much for this hope # theycallmedan

This sounds like a very great project!

It's gonna be good collaboration @theycallmedan 3speak is amazing I hope they can approve content creators to join quicker, looking forward to this amazing combo

Excellent initiative, let's hope it comes to fruition. the greatest success

Excellent Dan, excellent. I remember hearing on @pennsif's show the last and I thought it was an amazing project.

This sounds wonderful, does that mean I can upload my rap content and motivational messages?


Congratulations Dan!!
You and @oracle-d on this project sounds very promising
Wishing you only the best :)

That's really great initiative by you and @oracle-d really much appreciated and thankful that you guys are hear thinking about this platform so much.

Love from India.

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Thanks for letting us know

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This definitely needed for content creators and local artists to get engagement for their music or content. @theycallmedan you are doing great job providing quality oppurtunity for people. Hope we see good artistes on platform soon.

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This looks very promising! How do I become a content creator on there? Could you maybe go in detail a little? The website has me confused!

Thank you Dan's promotion.
I try to sign in tonight, but stay in loading after 'Sign' Screen


For now we re enabled the old version of Steemconnect.

thank you @threespeak

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Awesome project and well needed! Are you planning to tokenize it also 😬

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Checking out this collaboration with @oracle-d, I feel something great and promising coming up and this will build/provide a solid-based platform for content creators who almost lost hope.

Thanks for always being concerned brother!

Exciting news. I’ve been wondering what 3speak is. Sounds promising! And big congrats Dan!

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Hi @joythewanderer,

for more information about what 3Speak is and how it works checkout our FAQ's and "About Us" page:


awesome, they are using steemconnect too

Thats cool, will be cool to upload videos there once I get my drone and start making videos.

Looks very interesting. Thanks for the tip

This is a wonderful news and start of 3Speak you along with Oracle-d going to get huge success. I will join it for sure. Thanks for sharing the awesome news.

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This post has been resteemed!

Will try out soon! Thanks for sharing the news

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HD videos & live streams, forever

How can you promise this??

3speak created a profile for me on their platform a few days ago and i went and looked into it. It seemed fine. Everything was there, the mission was easily understood and it looked nice.

But there are a few things to mention. As a musician i dont really have a problem with censorship so that sell point doesnt really do much for me.
Isnt @dtube also censorship resistant due to IPFS?

Another thing is that 3speak posts to Steem just like Dtube. Its either using one or the other and my content isnt something i can make 3 of in a day so i can spread over 2 platforms.
Dtube is basically 80% of all my income on Steem so its hard for me to replace Dtube with 3speak.

I would love to support new projects but losing the majority of my potential income doesnt seem like something that is smart to do. Besides Dtube there really arent many bigger accounts willing to support you regularly based on only your content.

What would be the selling point for someone like me? Am i missing something?

Dtube videos are deleted after a few weeks. They dont have a view counter and development seems slow and underfunded. Im not sure if 3speak uses ipfs but dtube videos can be slow when only hostes on ipfs.

Posted using Partiko Android

I understand. You can always pay a small fee to host them on Dtube and i always leave a Youtube video as well on a post.
It always comes down to what can you earn imo.
Dtube has a designated curation team that works hard on rewarding quality content. They want to keep creators on Dtube.
The main reason video creators even exist on steem is because of Dtube. I think that videos are much harder to make then a blog post and they would earn about the same as blogs without Dtube.

Will 3speak have a curation team with SP behind the project? I see theycallmedan and oracle d buying into the project but i dont know how that will look like.

had the same questions too, im musician but at least never get a paid from Dtube, One time i talk with one of Dtube members and told me that i had to post daily or four post a week, right now im trying it.

i had to post daily here too to get upvotes? or you support good content for quality and not cuantity? sometimes it's hard to do truly good videos and not get nothing.

I'm a deplatformed content creator. I was posting on youtube a lot and I have a few channels blocked by them, just because I was talking
truth about something. I have about 6 youtube channels now and I joined steem from youtube when I watched a lot of people exicted about steem 2 years ago.

I joined steem and I dedicated all myslef to it. I'm helping newcomers learn about everything here, including dapps and communities. I've been curating for more than a year a community I've created one year ago called @dcooperation. I never powered down, I never delegated to a bot. I interviewed more than 100 steemians and even witnesses and dapps creators. I'm runining a show called ''Our Steem'' to connect communities in steem blockchain and to promote them. I'm always positive about steem and do my best to spread my positivity.

I don't even sleep well lately because I see that I'm a bit losing support. My I still do my best to not get down.

Recently I asked 3Speak again and again to join them, but they didn't accept me again and again and they said that they have enough testers.

Don't I deserve to post there ? Why they are not accepting me ? A lot of people know me here and know what I've done and what I'm doing. I want to join 3Speak. I want to create videos there. Please help me to join. I guess you know enough about me and I really need an other platform to grow there.

We have just been testing with a few people. You can apply of course, but up until now we had what we needed to get testing done.

How long you gonna test it ?

Great Announcement DAN!
I hope it will be more powerful platform with good creators. Let's move with #3Speak