Landmark study: University of Alaska Fairbanks on WTC 7 concludes: “did not colapse due to fire”

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Recently there was a major study released by the University of Alaska Fairbanks on WTC7. This is the first major study by a university in regards to answering the questions about the way in which WTC7 fell on 911. The study concludes that WTC7 did not fall due to fire but instead other means and directly questions the research from the government agency NIST. I go into this and a number of other things in this video. A link to the full study can be found here:

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How long does it need until the truth will be widely recognized?

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Liar Silverstien himself, said in a live interview at the time, that he made the decision "to pull the building"
No conspiracy. Fact!

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This is GOLD ! Thanks so much for reporting on this. I wonder what a similar study might show about buildings 1 and 2 ?!

@theouterlight, Till this date the reason of this event have many versions and in my opinion most discussed subject is Conspiracy Theory.

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The tower that fell down by its own in solidarity with its sister towers that were mysteriously very vulnerable and burned down into ashes even though being hit on the higher floors..! 🤔

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