For steem and blockchain in general to enter the ranks of great, there needs to be a revelation.mp4

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In this video, i spoke of steem once again. I touched on the 'beauty of steem'.
Then, i expatiated on the on just 'how much of steem's beauty isn't revealed' and our role in bringing about this revelation.

I spoke of the steem blockchain in terms of 'world adjustment'. Among all the blockchain(s) in existence, steem stands out and has the potential of becoming 'truly revolutionary' and indispensable even as a mainstream technology.

Watch out for part 2 soon!

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If you are developer and you decide to dig on my behalf, please contact me too. I would so love that. I have a few open tasks related to the '' tribe on this GitHub, each carrying a bounty in STEEM & MARLIANS.

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You have wisely said bro, the revelation is very necessary for us to reveal the real essence of steem. To get this done, many minnows need to be encouraged and we need to reach out to some who got discouraged because they felt left out. We need to reintroduce them back into the game. Marlians is a good example of a tribe that shows readiness to support everyone. Keep the good work @surpassinggoogle.

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@surpassinggoogle, Steem can help in the World Adjustment but for that we all Steemians have to contribute because to spread a Decentralised Economy is not a easy thing. Stay blessed.

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