A Legit Illiterate's #roadtosteemfest | Business or Pleasure?

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In the video, i covered the topic "Steemfest 4, Business or Pleasure?"

The video says it all. I implore you to buy out time to see it.

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I’m pretty new to this platform however I would love to get to Steem fest 5 if it is held in an affordable location.

Thailand would have been an amazing location to get to for this (and quite affordable too) if I had more time to prepare.

I imagine that the first time attending for me would be more about getting to know my fellow Steemit members while developing a Steem related business idea over the coming months.

That is great @steemfest 2019 November, I wish to be part with this exciting moment and joy for this adventure. Whatever be the case my heart fills the joy that will take place over there even if i couldn't make it. Thanks for sharing with us!

~Smartsteem Curation Team

@surpassinggoogle, Definitely this tour is related to Project but when it comes to people with whom you've travelled from more than 3 Years definitely it will bring that emotions and peaceful essence too. Wishing you wonderful journey ahead brother and stay blessed.

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