Here Is Some More Insight Into 'proof of tears' To Help You Understand The 'marlians com' Tribe. (120K Marlians Stake Was Teardropped Today. See The List!)

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Earlier, more than 100k MARLIANS worth of stake was sent to several users. Here is a short list:

@ankarlie 10000
@tegoshei 5000
@abh12345.marlian 5000
@metzli 5000
@chrisrice 5000
@fitinfun 5000
@balte 5000
@uwelang 5000
@shadowspub 5000
@giantbear 5000
@adesojisouljay 5000
@gloriouskids 2500
@jaki01 5000
@liaminit1 2500
@doitvoluntarily 3000
@jassennessaj 5000 4000
@ecoinstant 4000
@kobold-djawa 5000
@enginewitty 5000
@patrickulrich 5000
@hassanabid 2000
@writeandearn 3000
@cn-marlians 4000
@yasu.pal 5000
@mermaidvampire 5000
@anikys3reasure 2500

While it is easy to use the term 'airdrops' to describe this, it is of pertinence to know that on the '' tribe, we make use of a 'reward distribution model' called 'proof of tears' and well, "teardrops" instead of "airdrops".

I keenly invite the aforementioned users especially to buy out opportune time to watch the video above.

So much love went into giving out these stake and the video gives further insight into this and insight into what the 'proof of tears' model constitutes.

Understanding these things will help you understand where we are towards on ''.

Note that '' is just one project under the 'teardrops ecosystem', others being, etc

I have been extremely weak and slow but i have still being paying attention to you with love. May the stake spark some growth for you, us and generations yet born.

May you shine some more!

Your Boy Terry

Help Me!

I am extremely weak. Help me.
Simply contact me on this discord with '@surpassinggoogle#1660' to help me with the '' tribe. Let's discuss! I would like to give you tools to help us with.
If you are developer and you decide to dig on my behalf, please contact me too. I would so love that. I have a few open tasks related to the tribe on the GitHub URL below, each carrying a bounty in STEEM & MARLIANS:

Don't forget to support the 'steemgigs' witness and to subscribe to UloggersTV.

You can also support my journey to steemfest 4 by viewing and sharing this post:

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Thank you sir Terry... I just watched your video on YouTube several minutes ago and shared it on Twitter. Hopefully subscribers in UloggersTV will grow... :)

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Thank you so much sir Terry! This would be of great help in my curation of certified uloggers.

Thank you for all you do for humanity. This teardropping is amazing and see more #marlians curation evolving.

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Thank you! Will watch the video.

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Congratulations to all and enjoy the Marlians Ecosystem.

@surpassinggoogle, Keep up brother and these kind of surprises welcomes happiness who received it. Stay blessed.

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marlians. this is one of the tribes that I like. yesterday I also bought it with the amount of 3 thousand. and I made it as strength. maybe another time I'll buy it again. I hope your days are always fun.

Thank you so much, @surpassinggoogle. I am voting for Marlians posts and will continue. We will grow stronger, and I am proud to be a part of this effort :)

Thank you brother. this gesture of your is a great testimony for me as it is a great push for me towards ny target on my marlians stake this month

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