roadtosteemfest/blocktradescontest: Thai Life And What To Expect? - By A Legit Illiterate!

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I am on the list of speakers at Steemfest 4 in Thailand and this is one of many reasons for participating in the latest contest (of the ongoing #roadtosteemfest contest-series) sponsored by '@blocktrades & @anomadsoul' title; 'Thai Life And What To Expect?'.

Today is September 1 and a very significant day in my grind, so i cut my hair and tried out 3speak in a video to participate in the contest. Do well to watch the 10 mins video.

Your Boy Terry

My witness name is 'steemgigs' to represent the words "everyone has something to offer".

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I wish you lots of health and look forward to you being at steemfest!

I gave some uloggers a visit today, love the marlians platform, you are doing great work, keep it up.

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You are very welcome to 3speak. I missed your videos. I used to watch them when you were creating them in other platforms, so I will watch you here as well.

Steemfest is really a good opportunity to meet our lovely steemians. But, I can't affod it this year. Still fighting for the Russian citizenship. When I get it, may after a year or two, I will be able to travel. I wish you spend a good time there.

@surpassinggoogle, You are speaking about that ultimate grounded dream brother and with that great to see that you are passionate about this journey to SteemFest 4 and ready to experience this Steemian World. Let's peace and success stay with you. Stay blessed.

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You are looking too much active and healthy in this low hair cut ❤️ I hope your speaking in steemfest would be alot benefitial for ulogs aswell as marlians ❤️ keep it up

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And i will really love to attend the steemfest one day event

This is fantastic to see you in speaker list and I am not sure whether ia will be a able to make it but if I go then surely connect with you there. Have a great day

Cool boy... I like you... Marlian, marlianstv, ulog, etc... You need booster for extra energy for those all... Keep spirit my boy...

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