Andre Gray Football Academy New 2019 Highlights

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Update of our progress with the Andre Gray Football Academy Blockchain football training program! join up today and get rewarded for playing football!

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This is the power of Steem, the power to be able to help so many different people so many different ways. Great job @starkerz

Cheers @theycallmedan. Need to get these distribution models into the hands of the people so that they can also easily set up their own platform for their own niche. Once they figure out how to bring money into their niche, we are all off to the races!

Thanks for resteeming this gem Dan, I wouldn´t have known about it but I love it as I am a huge football fan. Stunning way to use Steem.

I hope this can get the message out about what AGFA is in a clearer and concise way.

I would love to see the model take off with some action from more big names and causes. Great work @starkerz and team!

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What a fantastic project @starkerz. It's nice to see examples of something I've heard so much about. Brilliant video @ashtv. Have you posted it on YouTube too?

Cheers @gillianpierce! It’s actually an updated edit of something done months and months ago. @stakerz asked for some changes to tell the story of what the initiative is and how it works in the most succinct and quickest way for non-crypto people to understand - I hope it achieves that.

I’m not sure if it’s on YouTube - I guess it’s up to the AGFA team to do that.

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I think it's really impressive @ashtv and I hope who's ever responsible has put in on YouTube. If it's tagged with a premier league footballer's name and football in general you'd have thought it would get a lot of views.

On another note, my name is spelt "pearce". I only mention it because I don't want to miss it if you tag me. 😁

Hope you're having a fun day. 😍

Yes indeed a YouTube share is a worth a lot, and could draw some attention with his level of celebrity!
Here’s the link:

Also @gillianpearce apologies spelling your name wrong! I would’ve usually got it right but I was crossing the road whilst typing on my phone, with a baby strapped to me haha

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I was crossing the road whilst typing on my phone, with a baby strapped to me

Noooooooo! Don't do it @ashtv. 😱 😂

Glad to see the video's on YouTube.

Don’t do what; fatherhood or cross the road?
I crossed at the traffic lights. Green man and everything 😁

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Crossing the road whilst texting. Didn't realise you had a green man but even so . . . 😂

I agree. Gotta look out for those rogue drivers!
I was vigilant though, don’t worry 😂

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@starkerz, Every Step towards empowerment of these future stars is great way to spread a word of light around the world because, people can develop so much for themselves but most remarkable thing is, when we create and build something from others.

And all these footballers just not playing the sport but they are living their dreams which they just dreamt previously. Keep up team and all your kind efforts will be backed by the blessings. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you.

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This is absolutely impressive. I've always believed that the Steem blockchain has so much potentials; this is one of them. Great job.

Wow, I am speechless! I love Steem, I love football, I love cool fundraising projects and this thing basically combines all of it. This is brilliant. Awesome job guys!

It's never too late to find great initiatives like this around #Steem. I pretty much suck at soccer (or any sport) but I'm not shy about it; That means I will find the time to practice and post my progress while having fun and supporting a great cause. It's an honor to have a Pro soccer player on steemit. Greetings from Venezuela champ!

Impresionante me parece algo genial ya que es siempre bueno conseguir esa persona que nos tienda la mano y nos ayude a realizar nuestro sueño. Estoy muy de acuerdo con estas academia de deportes ya que no todos los niños y jovenes tienen la facilidad de poner en practica sus cualidades y estas cosas los ayudan mucho. Igual hay muchos que no tenemos los recursos necesario y de cierta forma estas academia le tienden la mano y los impulsan a ser alguien en la vida.

It's amazing to see the number of lives this initiative is touching already. Still in the early days and so much has been done already. Andre Gray is indeed a Hero to these kids!

It still is early days @tamaris. We are upgrading the platform soon and this will have some truly amazing features. Stay tuned as this comes to fruition!

Fantastic! This should be shared!

Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing this! :)

Nice things are happening)

Empowring video with great strength, keep it up always for us we are knowing some passing football policy to this video.

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Thank you @starkerz, I will continue to participate at

Congratulations @starkerz!
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Looking good...

Go Watford (now my fav team in the premier league!)