Curbing The Canker Of Sabotaging & Censorship To Pave Way For Freedom In Society | Some Speaks In 3Speak !!

in threespeak •  15 days ago 

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The Canker of Sabotaging and Censorship is becoming a societal nuisance and alarming, every now and then, you will see police harassing Journalist, Political activists and other public public figures for no concrete grounds.

The need to curb this trouble here in 3Speak! The way forward is to continually intensifying the campaign for freedom for our people, declaring free speech as our hallmark. Again, publishing these messages in all public media that those who involve themselves in such act will stop. I think if not to eradicate it completely, it will diminish it!

Follow my video, share your thoughts and let Speak in 3Speak, my great hug funs !!!

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