Morning is a coffee time

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Nothing special, just five minutes from my daily routine.
That is how we do it Vilnius. Sure not everybody. many have a more quick ways to do it.
We prefer the old classic style. And we like to test various new sorts of coffee.

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It is interesting your process to stop the morning coffee, nothing like that aroma in the morning, right ?, and accompanied with that toast with Humus is a good combination.

In Venezuelan homes it is very place this utensil:

we put the ground coffee inside and we like hot water

Your house is very beautiful and your puppy too.

Thanks for sharing.

a cup of coffee and eat bread in the morning, it feels very good. You and I are both coffee lovers. I always drink coffee and eat bread every morning before work.

You choose the old classic style for making coffee. I prefer to directly buy it in a shop in the form of packaging. I'm sure the aroma and taste of your coffee is much more delicious.

As you see, it takes more time. But I have it - I'm retired , and no boss above my head.
We have done this various ways in the past. But clearly, nothing can beat the taste and smell of freshly grinded coffee beans.

coffee time the best time to enjoy ;)

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No doubts this is really good in the morning when you take a cup of hot coffee