Digitex Futures To Hand Platform Ownership To Community - Interview with Adam Todd, CEO

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This is a non-sponsored interview with Adam Todd of https://digitexfutures.com/exchange/

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Nice interview ... Thanks for sharing, futures are not really my thing but whish good luck to the Digitex to the project :D

What is the oracle protocol, method,or service they plan on using? And how do they reley the fees and cost of these oracles to the users?

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So why do they need to create their own token, if scalability and speed is the critical piece couldn’t they do the same with lighting and btc?

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Have a nice weekend!

I am considering leaving current support model Chris!...

current patron support model is not working right now; also I think to be a true supporter I must stop being one for now ...

Great!, thank you for sharing this great video Damn!

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