New Metric: ETH Severely Undervalued, While EOS, XLM & NEO Overvalued?

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In this video we'll be taking a look at a new metric called the Network Value to Token Value (NVTV).

This data could suggest one of two things: either Ethereum is highly undervalued, or that other smart contract platforms such as EOS, XLM, WAVES and NEO are overvalued.

Let's take a closer look.

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Very interesting the NVTV ratio based in that chart i can understand very well how eth has a huge potential and maybe EOS too. Regards

Well, from a dollar standpoint, Bitcoin is worth 60% of it's all time high right now ($19,982) and Ethereum is only worth 17% of it all time high of $1,399.65. Bitcoin dominance is waaaay up right now...

This was a good analysis. I would love to hear your response to critiques about ethereal as it relates to various perceived centralized chokepoints (infura for example). Also a response to the critique that the ethereumn blockchain is too large for anyone to run a node

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In the world of cryptocurency, all coins can go down or go up significantly at any time. So there is no reason to underestimate one coin.

Since the fluctuation of the coin is not stable there is no need to decide on the coin for now

I think the only one coin which has huge potential is bitcoin and the coins are behind that if bitcoin fails all other will be failed.

That is really true, maybe that data seems to be less utilize, ethereum for instance is low in its growth, like the Steem suffering every single day. By the way, the video is just great!

Glad to see the NVTV chart, I never thought that EOS was so overvalued . This changed a part of my decisions on EOS.
Thanks for the Video

Wow, Nice!