India, Helicopter Money & When Moon? | Cryptocurrency Q&A #18

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Time for a good old-fashioned Q&A!

And in this video, I'll be addressing a range of topics including helicopter money, India and when moon?

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helicopter money sounds really cool and important for that Country and People from India.

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The proponents of Helicopter money thought of it to fight deflation. To use it for poverty alleviation is like declaring dividend without any profit. While NREGA helped Bangladesh overtake India in garments export, this one will kill Ind.agriculture sector for sure. #NYAY

Helicopter Money sounds like a plan. Hope no political party in India adopts it before election.

helicopter money.PNG

I want to know what your opinion looks like. I hope we can talk about it. My whatsapp is +852 51739707.

Hi @louisthomas, the adoption of bitcoin in India as well as in other countries will benefit the altcoin prices. Helicopter fresh money is always good for cryto currencies. Cheers!

very cool video

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For those who don't know what helicopter money is: Helicopter drop is an expansionary fiscal policy that is financed by an increase in a economy's money supply. It could be an increase in spending or a tax cut, but it involves printing large sums of money and distributing it to the public in order to stimulate the economy.

Thanks for that explanation

This is strange for me @louisthomas
My first time of hearing this name:"helicopter money"
But India will be so lucky of getting the times for one
of the parts of crypto. Still hopping some better days
for bitcoin.

Hello @louisthomas, how are you doing? In my opinion helicopter money is a very good program to help people get out of poverty. As we all know, many poor people in India will have a high level of crime there. Enjoy your day, sir. .

Fiat money is controlled by the elites. You can rest assured that helicopter money aimed at ordinary people's pockets will always be a method of last resort to them.

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I am from India and here the government is trying to punish the people who are directly or indirectly involved with cryptocurrency . The bill is about to be reviewed and passed soon.

The india is one of the emerging countries where the economy should overflow, it amazes me that cryptocurrencies are considered hostile means when they will be the ones that will change the world and bring wealth to all


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Cut it out with this when moon bs

I suspect monetary policies are going to have to become quite copteresque around the world at some point. Interest rates can't go much lower. For the past decade, economies at least in Europe have been pretty much like in the "do something" meme except that the stick should be replaced with a string.