Bitcoin - A Hedge Against US-China Trade War?

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Grayscale have recently published a report making the case for Bitcoin as a possible hedge against the economic fallout of a US-China trade war.

In this video, we take a look at the report and assess its merits.

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Grayscale's stances on how Bitcoin can become a possible hedge against the economic fallout of a US-China trade war, seems too smooth on paper, I still think there will be some reason why it may not be so, one of them seems like the history of this trade war and how long it's lasted however, what do we know? With Bitcoin come sarendipitieous opportunities.

Just look at what happened in Argentina as well! Contagion could catch on to a number of emerging markets as well so surely an opportunity for Bitcoin and other assets that continue to prove to be a store of value over time.

Thanks for bringing the technicals to the table in a very emotional market. Too many people invest in BTC just because it's going up in price. To me, Bitcoin being a hedge against inflation and world monetary collapse are two very good reasons to invest.

Lots of great changes are yet to experience in the issue of Bitcoin. With time, this might be pretty good and that will a time the active investors and traders will enjoy the best out of their effort. Thank you for the nice video¡

For sure bitcoin is gold 2.0 and will have huge value in some years based in inflation and wars between countries i mean people will use bitcoin like gold in 80's. Blessings

Bitcoin can have a positive influence on the development of the world economy especially after the trade war between China and America.

For Sure! A Deflationary Asset is always a hedge . While a Pseudo Deflationary Asset Gold can serve as Hedge why can't Bitcoin?

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