How Bitcoin Could Affect Art and Luxury Asset Prices

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Earlier this year I made a video talking about the impact that the rise of Bitcoin could have on real estate prices over the long term.

I wanted to make a similar kind of video talking about art and other kinds of luxury assets that have benefitted from an inflationary monetary supply. Let me know what you think!

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Very true!

They are competing assets but with different targets in my opinion. However, the way they are all uncorrelated with traditional assets, will benefit most.

Well most of these arts comes at very interesting fees really and when you look at these purchases of vintage materials and classic painting, it kinda makes you really wonder the rate at which it's influence will really be on purchases, transaction and a whole lot as well using Bitcoin to pull some of these exchange

because bitcoin is the most important and well-known coin among other cryptocurency coins. The price of bitcoin is also the highest among other cryptocurencies.

This feels so amazing knowing about such arts and assets about the monetary supply . Thanks for enlighten us on stuff like this.

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