Crypto Rant: Why I DON'T CARE Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is!

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Maxed BTC says "CSW is Satoshi". Here's my response!

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Who Satoshi Nakamoto is does not matter because what matters most is the mass adoption of Bitcoin in our society and making bitcoin the official global currency of the world both in doing business together transactions and as a store of value as well @louisthomas

In crypto curency business, we really don't need to know Satoshi. The important thing is that we are good at utilizing circumstances and situations when we have to buy or sell

Great @louisthomas, I love this video in @threespeak!

It would actually probably be worst to know who it is as the FUDsters could have another channel to try to influence the markets!

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I have always wondered why Satoshi didn't spend any of his 1 million Bitcoins

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