SteemLeo Partners With CoinZilla to Burn 10,000+ LEO a Month!

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I've talked about the addition of advertisements to a few times in the past. Many users and LEO hodlers have asked if we would put ads on the site to burn more LEO from the SE exchange.

My issue with ads is mostly aesthetic. I don't like the user experience of having ads all over the place, especially when they are adsense ads which tend to look like shit.

CoinZilla strikes a happy medium. While most people will still likely be slightly annoyed by ads, CoinZilla offers cryptocurrency ads with optimized banner images.

Ultimately this means more relevant ads than something like google adsense and also a better overall look and feel to the website.

I was working with a CoinZilla representative for a little over a week to get ourselves applied and approved through their ad network. They were excited to see our traffic as it is slowly growing over time the numbers are very impressive for a brand new website that has only been in operation for a few months.

Based on the numbers for about 1 day of the ads, I think we will burn about 10,000 LEO from the SE market this month.. This would be huge for the health of the LEO economy and I can only imagine that this number will grow with each passing month as we get more and more eyeballs to the website.

I also have mentioned this a few times and I would like to continue to encourage you to post through the website.

I talked about this on @pennsif's show the other day, but the importance of posting natively through the website cannot go understated. When you post through, we get the canonical link which means that it improves the overall SEO and traffic to our website. Now that we have ads, this is more important than ever in the effort to burn more LEO each month.

To encourage posting through the interface, we've adopted the model of upvoting users who have posted through Steemleo with the @leo.voter account (currently at about 85,000 SP and growing).

We also have the LEO badge next to the name of a user who posted through SteemLeo, which typically leads to better curation, attention and overall rewards to content that is native to our platform.

I'm really excited about working with CoinZilla as they are one of the largest ad networks in the crypto space. Even uses them as a primary source of advertisements. The potential here to burn tens of thousands of LEO each month is immense and it's only just getting started. The more we market this website and post natively through it, the better SteemLeo and the LEO token becomes!

I'll put out another video sometime in the next month to do a live burn of LEO from the CoinZilla ad revenue. It will be awesome to see how much we can burn! So please, head over to and start making some killer investment content!

I'll see you over there 🦁

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You guys are totally leading the way with all of this. I really believe you are the future of Steem! In awe. What gets me is that if your model works, and you bring in more $, the Steem economy in general grows. That's important to EVERYONE here.

I did send you a DM in Discord and there's a few other things I'd love to chat to you about, but I know you are busy. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate it. And yes, I'm commenting on your front end - it's bookmarked on my browser! xx

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I am excited to see this community continuing to do positive things to make it better. Smart planning and smart execution.

It's almost like someone has planned it that way :-)

One of the few communities that is firing on all cylinders. It reinforces my decision to keep investing in the token (wish I had more money and time to invest) and spurs me to do better in my own efforts to support the community.

Keep it up!

My friend @khaleelkazi Steemleo is leading the steem-tribes. The future is very very bright.

I like the Burn effort and that will help the price reach a greater height in the future making it attractive to investors :D

I agree! I think it's vital to continually burn as much as we can to make SteemLeo a better platform, especially for content creators who choose to spend their time posting content on our site.

Thanks for posting from by the way :)

I can hear the FOMO :)

hahaha I can hear the sounds of FOMO resounding through the jungle! The lion always wins in the end ;)

WoW, Is the FOMO because of that? Who knows? However, @steem.leo is definitely one of the best tribes and has the best founders.

Who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️all I can say is that we are doing our best to build the best platform possible for our users and content creators 🦁

Thanks for always supporting with encouragement and awesome ideas ;)

great news! this is the future model for all tribes i guess and in the end its good for steem as well. the more money flows into the ecosystem the better it is. good job

absolutely. I think a lot of people miss the point that ad revenue is paid out in $ and then we use that to buy STEEM and then buy LEO with it... so that's a positive cash flow scenario not only for LEO but for STEEM as the base currency. I hope to see more businesses being built under a similar model here on Steem! Splinterlands is the prime example of bringing $ into the ecosystem.

absolutely! splinterlands is a great role model for businesses on steem. you gotta create value you can not only throw tokens around and expect them to moon. every cent in value creation counts!

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Burn baby burn, LEO inferno! Burn baby burn!

Great news / thanks for the video

I reached 4k leo power and then this just got posted! Nice!

CongratZ ;)

@khaleelkazi, Without any doubt for Healthy Tokenised Economy we have to take steps which will going to add value over the period of time. And good to know about this Partnership and particularly Cryptocurrency Ads will not going to annoy for sure. My good wishes are with you and stay blessed.

How come I don't see any ads? Is it because I am in Brave?

Yes. I noticed the ads showing up for me yesterday or the day before. I use Chrome with no ad blocker and visit the site daily.

Hi, @khaleelkazi!

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The LEO economy would more than thrive with measures like this, like you said, well CoinZilla will maintain the balance and since it's help Leo achieve long-term value for the system and the token then I'm basically all for it, I want to see how the whole process goes though. Thanks a lot for the video and update.

We also have the LEO badge next to the name of a user who posted through SteemLeo

I really wish there was a badge as well next to the name of the user who comments through the website. :-(

Very cool. People would appreciate ads more if they understood the costs of servers and development and realized most aren't here to volunteer.

Awesome sauce, this tribe is definitely where it's at....several weeks ago it was 1 Steem for every 10-11 leos, now it's closer to 1 Steem to 5.5 leos. Looking forward to the ticker sidebar...I hope Leo is one of the assets that will be tracked.

Great post

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