Do Humans Really Possess The Ultimate Right To Choices? My Stances?

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In this video, I left a lot of humanely rhetorical questions about ultimate control over choices, I call them rhetorical because it seems so mind boggling that one doesn't have instantaneous reply to it. In essence most of Our life choices are decided by circumstances sorrounding us, for example the choice to be born lame or genetically imbalanced is made by the negligence of a birth parent and as a result of this one's choice of ultimately living a dream will be limited, that means the choice to live a dream has become dented and as a result of this the one might be forced to settle for less therefore making the situation of having power over choices so limited. So where is the power for dominion over choices? In this video I talk about it all.

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Yes definitely

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you once made.
If you want different results, make different choices.

The things you have to do or have chosen to do you are going to do, so either do them step by step, patiently, trusting they will work out and find the joy and good within them.
Or worry and do them at a frantic pace and miss life as it rushes past.
We have the choice.

Not completely true and this is because we aren't a design of choice but necessity

Somewhere between choice as a design to a necessity we all grew up.

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Did you choose to be born?

You did not choose your:

  1. birthplace
  2. skin color
  3. family you were born into
  4. birth gender
  5. birth language
  6. ethnicity

You can choose to be:

  1. kind
  2. generous
  3. honest
  4. grateful
  5. respectful
  6. optimistic
  7. humble
  8. teachable
  9. hard working
  10. living a recommendable life

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The things you mentioned first are the ultimate life choices the second ones hardly matter much they're secondary. and sometimes it influences the outcome of being a life decider for example in the video I stated that sometimes people don't choose to be disabled and this can become a huge life decider

The power of the elections is in our actions, we are the ones who decide what we want to be, how far we want to go, if we want to achieve a dream, but by an action that brings a negative consequence it already lets you get to your dream, maybe you should find another way to get to that dream you want to get, or maybe change what you had planned, but everything will depend on what you want, because that is where the strength that manages to do great things is.

El poder de las elecciones esta en nuestras acciones, somos quienes decidimos que queremos ser, hasta donde queremos llegar, si queremos lograr un sueño, pero por una acción que trae una consecuencia negativa ya te deja a un lado llegar a tu sueño, quizás debas encontrar otro camino para llegar a ese sueño que quieres obtener, o quizás cambie lo que tenias planeado, pero todo dependerá de que quieres, porque es allí donde esta la fuerza que logra hacer grandes cosas.

Thanks for your comments but the things you mentioned are secondary choices, the ultimate choices in life decides the secondary choices and that's basically my point. We can do all these but we'd need to be accorded by life's ultimate choices which aren't made by us

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I guess your view is about predestination yeah?
I actually think its both yes and no tbh.

Well it beats me, but I guess you're right