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Greetings artists and art lovers

Welcome to my little art blog, I present a new video tutorial, where we will create designs with colored pencils, I hope you can appreciate my art and enjoy the process, if you like what I do your support will fill me with courage and motivate me to follow, a comment will always give joy to the author ... LET'S START ...

I hope you like it!

It is a pleasure to show you my art through a video, I hope that the next few minutes will be entertaining for you and that I can contribute something of value to the community and the facilities of the 3Speak platform


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I don't know if holding the pencil on the tip and holding the pencil at the edge, i mean why do you prefer to hold yours by the edge? It's beautiful the way it transitioned really, I mean the way the pencil process changed into those colors, very Amazing.

The pencil should be held in different parts, for example if we want a stroke with greater pressure, we must take the pencil at the tip, if they are light strokes to use it in unifying bases or uniforms we should take it higher so that it does not take as much weight on the paper. thanks for noticing those details, regards 🤗

The color mixture is excellent, is it a shade of gold or something?

pd: it's a sad look, that's a punch?

yellow, orange friend 🤗 it's not a hit it's just a girl who feeds her sad days in a world with different colors, greetings 🤗


Thanks my friend 🤗

The face you present to us today is completely beautiful. The combination of colors used formed an expectacular face. The coral that you use for the skin is the right one remaining in the desired tone. The detail of working strands by strands and the shines in its tuft were imprecionantes to achieve the perfect hair of this simple but very beautiful face. How you always show us the dedication and commitment you put in every drawing you make. It is always a pleasure to travel with you by the hand and immerse ourselves with you in your works and see how you do the step by step in each video you show us. A great day for everyone and enjoy these wonderful paintings. Happiness and love for all.

Thank you, my friend, it's always good to read your comments, they're really good, you detail my drawing, it's great that you understand it makes me very happy, greetings and hugs 🤗

genial, una vez más te la comiste bro, me gusta mucho el acabado que le das a todos tus dibujos ;) éxito

Gracias amigo, por estar siempre al tanto acompañandome en este camino, saludos 🤗

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