Painting Time-lapse: Another First Layer

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It kinda looks similar to this painting but it's cos they are part of a series. I don't have a bigger picture of the series yet, but they are like twins. xD

Anyway, like the previous one, this is also a first layer of a painting. I let them dry after this and paint another layer on top. That's just how I am comfortable with.

The music is also from @lyon89. This piece is titled "Melodies for Silvana" which gives a relaxing vibe to the time-lapse. A total opposite of the previous video lol. Still awesome!

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You are really full of art and know how to project it, your painting really is pure beauty and expression. Your painting and my music, it seems a good combination, thanks for allowing it <3

Thank you as well for allowing me to put it there. It definitely adds life to the video. You did wonderful. Please continue making music :)

So shall. A hug <3

Amazing stuff from @lyon89, in my opinion, I think the deeper layer added brought a new perspective to the artwork by all means. Well I was kinda guessing this was a deeper layer cuz it looked like the older one and I was right. Welldone by the way

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I loved to watch the painting process, and being a heterosexual male, a close-up of tits was like icing on the got my vote.

Lol, gotta love the honesty.. I must admit that the tots kept my attention as well haha.. I think I'd add two Hershey kisses as nips that could be eaten and then dispensed automatically like some kind of art vending machine masterpiece.. 🤔

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Psychologists would love these comments.... hahaha

Makes one wonder about a psychologist's state of mind 😋

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ingenious.....chocolate emitting artwork is a no brainer right....tits or otherwise?

Every once in a while inspiration strikes, but usually the female form is involved. 😋

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Lol I think it's awesome even as a heterosexual female. I think the human body in general looks cool. Thanks xD

Great art of work. This is what truly amazed me on this community because of talented people like you. I will follow you to see more of your future post. Nice post

excellent work (just had a scroll through your blog and I love what I see!) Keep up the amazing work, I look forward to seeing how this one finishes up!