Interview with Matt Starkey '@starkerz' - CEO of Oracle-D and co-creator of 3speak.

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For my live radio show "Crypto Talk Monday" I interviewed Matt Starkey.

He's the CEO of Oracle-D and the co-creator of 3speak and a long-time member of the Steem Blockchain.

We talk about Oracle-D and what they do. About their clients and business model and what they are trying to achieve.

We also talk about A video hosting and live streaming platform. It's a place created for the deplatformed content creator but also open for the public. Why was this platform created and what's the revenue model?

You will hear it all in this episode of "Crypto Talk Monday".


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Definitely a major factor for me on 3speak is the speed of startup for playing videos. They start almost immediately on desktop and mobile. This has been a crippling problem with Bitchute from day one. The upload process has been rock solid since the very start of the beta as well which is something I never got working on D.Tube. All in all I was DELIGHTED to pay 17 Steem for this month because as long as I'm paying, I know I'm not the product! @starkerz

The monthly fee is definitely worth it. Easy to use and playback is responsive.

I must admit, the user experience is spot on so far. 17 STEEM is a steal.

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Should be fixed now, Cheers Brian!

This is awesome. I have been part of Oracle-D for a while now and I am really excited about the group of people they have there and what they are planning on doing. They have some exciting projects going on and 3speak is one of the best. I am happy to see how much traction it is gaining.

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That is cool, man! I had no idea you are part of Oracle-D! Maybe you can share quickly some tasks that you have done?

I am a pro content creator for them, so I have done a number of dapp reviews and other side projects highlighting and promoting different crypto currencies and blockchain based projects.

That is great interview! It was just superb moment, I really enjoyed the interview from the beginning to the end.

@exyle, @oracle-d have brought lot of value and encouraged many Steemians and next biggest thing is which have the potential to become next big thing in Video Content Creation and Live Streaming Economy.

Keep up the good work.

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You are extremely valuable @exyle. You are not only doing a good summary of everything happening on Steem, but you are also one of the few witnesses that doesn't complain all day about Steemit, Inc when things go bad.

Thank you, man!

@starkerz is absolutely correct on some technical aspects of 3Speak. I like the guys at Bitchute but I always get a pause and delay and sometimes even a complete failure when I try to watch videos over there. 3Speak videos start playing immediately and with far fewer problems. This for me, as a content creator, is absolutely essential. Also the upload process has worked flawlessly for me every time I've uploaded. D.Tube lost me over that problem.

Love seeing your blogs progress to include a radio show! Nice work!! Keep it going 🏋️‍♂️

Thank you, jill!


and thank you for the speak!

Amazing interview. I love @starkerz profile picture (from the venus project) :)

Yeah, I have googled it too for the interview but couldn't incorporate it in a question :)

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I didn't watch this interview here but on another steemian's blog, so I tracked this post down to give it a bump.
Thanks, awesome content share.