Vlog 418: What is the value of the Steem Blockchain? It's opportunity above all else!

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What is the main difference between Steem and any other blockchain?

There is an opportunity here for everyone that dares to take it (and a real community to share it with).

This is the reason why people show up every day. It's that feeling that is so powerful.

On Steem you can be whatever you want to be and you can build whatever you want to build.

But it's all up to you to make it work.

When the first content creators came to this platform nobody told them to come, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

When the first alternative front-end builders came nobody told them to build different front-ends on Steem, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

When the first app builders came nobody told them to build an app on Steem, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

When the first game makers came nobody told them to make a game on Steem, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

When the first token engine was build nobody told them to make a token engine on Steem, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

When the first alternative community (Weedcash) was build nobody told them to make that community on Steem, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

When the first new users came to these new communities, front ends or apps nobody told them to come, they saw an opportunity and went for it.

This process is never going to stop. It's too powerful.

What does it take?

It takes an insane amount of time and dedication and it takes risks. Just like anything in life.

But man! Is it an awesome ride.

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steem is my entertainment. sent you some 3speak tokens lol. love it!

Steem is my entertainment too and more :) Thanks ever so much for the tokens, man!

Amen to opportunity!!!

A community that I have recently been involved with is @steemclan.
We are gathering Steemians to win a Million dollar treasure hunt called Satoshi's Treasure
We have a @steemengine token that will be used to split the pool when we win. :)

If you like treasure hunts and crazy puzzles...Join our discord.

Our latest puzzle requires some serious math and coding skills.
Jump into discord and say hi.

It is a long contest....but we are kinda killing it right now.

Mark @exyle there are some Really Great People here and I am grateful for Steemmonsters and reaching the Champion Level this Morning.............

Fantastic! Well done man for reaching Champion level! I will see you on the battlefield no doubt!

I think I am the only player who still has not got a Selenia Sky

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Great video. I'm wondering if you would be interested in making a video with me explaining Steem to newbies? I'm trying to bring new people in.

Splendid vlog again @exyle you're really firing on all cylinders when it comes to 3speak really, I definitely think recognising and discovering opportunities on the Steem blockchain despite it's immediate flaws is really Paramount because while a lot of people are more concerning with just vlogging or contenting alone and complain only about the Steem price, steem is more than this and that's why I think the numerous opportunities on steem need to be utilized and there are even More if we open our eyes to it

Really @exyle Steem surpasses all the Blockchain business, here it is full of your effort contributed. With the little devotion of time you achieve much. It is not like other businesses where you damp money into them and sleep for you to get the returns. With steem, nothing is lost, the only thing one would consider as being tidious is the energy and sacrifices one would employ. However, this is converted as income in returns. Thank you @exyle for this video in 3speak!


What is your experience with 3speak so far? Do you know if videos disappear after some time like on DTube?

It works very well and the video's don't disappear. Dtube now allows youtube videos so most of the videos will stay around. Only the IPFS videos will disappear after awhile.

Thanks! I have to investigate the new DTube version in greater detail. So much development since the start of 2019 that my head is already spinning...

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I think anyone watching your content already realized that. The difficulty is to spread this "idea/concept" to outsiders..

In my opinion, we still are on the right track and that´s all that matter, the price will eventually catch up with all these developments being introduced right now.

I am really happy to join this platform on steem. I always watch the price not for selling I always try to buy as much as I can. I started buying this at 1 $ and also buyed at 0.25$ and still buying at 0.4$
For me it’s future investment.

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@exyle I love steemit very much , I know currently the price is going down but I know soon we will be back again.

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like a total nutcase! I like that line ^^ But thanks to that nutcase and his vlogs, we can all keep track of what's going on anything Steem! :thumbsup:

It's seems like so difficult on CMC position right now for STEEM . Let's hope for best.

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When is my Exyle token going to take off?!? :)

I know! Should be worth at least 5000 STEEMP already :)

Fine then it will just cost you more to ungrey out them! I will take my witness votes away now!

Nice Cherries getting ripe! 🍒!
I’m just here for the fun of it, if I make something too, well that would be nice! I been here since 2016! I used to tell people about steem, I usually get squinty eyes back so I just tell them about Bitcoin first! lol I guess I’m up 5x from the 8 cent level, not bad! I did buy some up at 5 bucks too when it got exciting. I never sold any yet! Maybe traded a couple bits for some alts, but nothing substantial. I think in the long run it should be good! However I already struck it rich on the BTC, so IDK! Should be ur responsibility to ungrey non spam comments on your blog! I voted for you for witness, hope you’re grateful enough to be a good witness and ungrey this comment. A good witness would because they would know the truth about why I am greyed out on your wonderful platform. I get greyed out fir doing the dirty work here, & this is the thanks I get!! Otherwise I will just vote for a more knowledgeable witness.