I finally got a diagnosis for my chronic illness! (25 mins)

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After years of constant suffering, and dealing with the mainstream medical system (including being told I was imagining it), I finally got a diagnosis today!

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Here's what it feels like (from my perspective) to get Fibromyalgia, how it feels to FINALLY be diagnosed, and some advice and encouragement for anyone facing chronic neurological symptoms.

When I was first told by doctors in 2016 I likely had this condition, I put out this educational video about it, and in 2018 I wrote on Steem about my addiction to the pharmaceuticals prescribed to help me cope with it, here, here, and here.

I hope this discussion of my diagnosis, and ways I push the condition into remission, are helpful to someone. Thanks for sharing this info with anyone who might need it. I think it would have helped me a lot when I was first slammed by symptoms a few years ago.


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I'm happy you finally got your diagnosis and some proper medical care! It was some really hard, dark times when there was no personal support and the realization that the medical system was stringing you along for years before you giving you the key to proper care. Your GP was such a bag!!

That's a simply cute thumbnail! Congrats @Drutter, we're happy for you. It's definitely not easy to get that diagnosis, especially nowadays and for males. It must be a relief after years of struggle and scorn or lack of help from family and the medical system.

Some people might be puzzled at your happiness for a diagnosis, but it's not like a mystery illness with no symptoms that comes as bad news, it's an answer to your suffering.

There's a lot of mainstream scientific evidence now for cannabis use in chronic pain such as Fibromyalgia.
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Thanks, 3Speak!!

would be nice to see some studies if anyone has any good links on the topic.
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Here is a recent study on the safety and effectiveness of cannabis for fibromyalgia pain, but there are many more.

Wikipedia actually has a pretty decent page for Fibromyalgia, here.

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