Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas

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Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas

Donald Trump ends automatic citizenship for the children of many troops and diplomats born abroad, a possible entry point to repealing birthright citizenship altogether

Why is he doing this?

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So come October the 29th the process is definitely going to change? So this application process is making a mainstay and trying to change or tweak citizenship? In my opinion service men in diplomatic assignments shouldn't have to go through the process. In my opinion I can't say whether this move harm or soothes I definitely think Trump could have gotten it right but he's not doing things constructively, I think there should be a an advantageous reason as to why (Trump's illness,

Why is Donald Trump doing this ? Where exactly is he heading to and what's the point of all these things he's doing... I don't think this is right

He hates any and all things he considers non american

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I highly doubt he considers anything.

good point

This doesn't affect the majority of US troops or those serving in a capacity to the US who have a legally binding residence within the US. This process affects those who have adopted while over seas, parents who were not citizens at the time just naturalized, and Americans who don't meet residency requirements. One of the reasons you don't see more of an outrage from the left over this is because it pretty much does away with the Chinese sending pregnant women over here to birthing centers set up exclusively for the purpose of having a baby born here becoming a US citizen then the parent returning home and it stops those who cross over the border of Mexico (known as baby dumping) doing the same thing, birth a baby then return home but the baby has all the rights of a US citizen up to and including the parents coming across the border to seek out social services for the baby. Now all parents have to meet residency requirements, they must have a permanent home established in the US to have their children considered US citizens.

In the case of the Chinese birthing centers this will stop the on march of the Chinese influence over government when Asians will hit the majority in the US by 2067. The left knows that, that is what they fear the most. China does nothing to stop this practice even while complaining their birth rates in China have dropped and they fear a labor shortage down the road....that's because it's a deliberate attempt to undermine the political influence in the US. That is the number one reason that you don't see any screeching headlines on the task force and raids on birthing centers in California like you see them screeching about deporting Mexicans. Mexicans will vote their party agenda, Chinese...not so much. I wrote a blog on it a few months ago if you want to understand it more:

This also eliminates those who became US citizens then go back to their homeland to live, have children and raise them there, then if they are considered US citizens their children may also be considered US citizens so we'd have citizens in foreign countries who never stepped foot in the US.

Overall this is a step in the right direction for correcting what many would consider loopholes in the process to becoming a citizen and just a minor inconvenience to those like Pakman whose burden to file a couple more pieces of paperwork does not outweigh the burden placed on American taxpayers and securing their future political processes.

@davidpakman, Answers for some questions never revealed or never revealed completely. But some decisions which are taken by the individuals who are sitting on the high position reflects very mysterious.

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