The Future of Independent Political Content

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Everyone on 3speak and Steem platforms clearly knows about the problems with the online political talk world. This video outlines some of the major issues as well as good and bad ideas for solving these issues

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Something you definitely said here sparked me! I think the reason why one gets targeted with censorship as a result of their popularity is that these people are popular with views and comments as well as ad placement as well. I think Centralized medias are basically business oriented and they want to appeal to opinion and opinion sometimes is often contrary to the truth sometimes and so people popular gets domonitised because they basically have the viewership and attention of people. These medias want to be in control and that means they have content prerequisite. THIS is totally wrong because I believe no one should be demonized after they've worked so hard.

Excellent content here on 3Speak.

Hallelujah! @davidpakman has got it. As much as it confirms my personal biases to believe demonetisation is an attack on conservative view points, I know this is a far bigger issue. This is about Brand Safe content as Adam Curry has been saying for a long time on the No Agenda Show. This is about making all user generated content "safer" for advertisers.

I would take issue with some of the diagnosis that the obvious skew in the opinions of the staff of the big tech companies doesn't affect their policies, Tim Pool proved this with Twitter not even understanding why a ban on mis-gendering is targeted only at conservatives who believe there are two genders.

David could do better than taking silly swipes at Breitbart and Infowars, but largely he does get it as evidenced in this video.

David: if you're looking at comments here on 3Speak, please get in touch, I think you'd like to hear about our legal action in Australia against the big tech Goliaths.


And here’s my plug for the #CryptoClassAction where we’re suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for the good of the Cryptocosm. You can read a good explanation here on my blog.

You can join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

More details in this post

If those platforms want to keep being relevant, they will have to adjust themselves. But again, as long as the big corporations are giving them money, they will treat independent creators as disposable, until they inevitably fail and become obsolete.

Creators will never go away. Platforms will. They should be more careful, or at least be honest about what they do.

Creators should push for transparency, so they at least know what part of their videos violated what section of their secret guidelines.

Fantastic to see you getting in front of this, David. By the time you're completely unpersoned; its a nightmare to try and start building momentum elsewhere from scratch.

We must be more careful when politics online on various social media platforms. The reason is the whole world of people watching us. One word that mistake can cause our self destruction .

Great that you've joined 3speak! Welcome to the platform :)

You sure did :) Been watching you on both Youtube and LBRY for at least a year!

Btw, would you consider posting a video on Youtube, talking about all the decentralized platforms you've joined? I think it would make a great video for similar political commentators looking to join anti-censorship platforms.

Hi David, would you consider putting "sponsored by the Steem blockchain" on your videos if you got paid for it? Eg. maybe on one video per day.

The Steem DAO just launched yesterday. You could think about how much money it would take and put up a proposal. Would be pretty cool if it happened.

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