The Permanent Trumpification of the Republican Party

in threespeak •  2 months ago 

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--Caller wonders about Donald Trump's long-term effect on the Republican Party

What current politican is best situated to replicate Trump?

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The last 8 out of 10 videos / articles you’ve produced are about Trump. Please consider doing stories that are interesting.

For instance, there’s a huge union struggle in Hollywood between the WGA and agents. This story highlights the importance of private sector unions and the conflicts of interest.

Then there’s the effect tariffs are having on farmers and steel workers. You could talk an entire hour about the destructive nature of tariffs without mention Trump ONCE.

Finally, you could do something about the Hong Kong protests. That’s interesting. Would be good to hear your perspective.

Everyone is talking about Trump. It’s asinine at this point.

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TDS is an evergreen content magnet.

It's useless.

Have to say, Trump is a pretty depressing topic. I agree that we could perhaps steer away from this topic.

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