SHOCK: Trump Promised Pardons if People Break Law for Him

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SHOCK: Trump Promised Pardons if People Break Law for Him

Donald Trump reportedly promised pardons to staffers who break the law to force the building of the US-Mexico border wall, which is an impeachable offense

Thoughts on this one?

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  ·  18 days ago (edited)

Am not sure if Donald Trump really meant what he said because this is just a free speech which probably can make him change his mind again.

I'd definitely trust a known habitual liar to pardon me if I broke the law. lol


Seriously ?? Is it really necessary ? Can't believe what am seeing or hearing here

This is the trump i know, always in his own favour

I am sensing corruption around trump

The only reason this sort of stuff pisses off your average leftist, especially regarding the border, is because they chant and/or fully believe in the chant: "No border. No wall. No USA at all." They are that evil.

They want this nation to collapse, not just society as it is right now (which they enjoy the degeneracy and corruption.

Hmm, you don't know what to think about it

i think trump is an interesting president. i just don't know why he wants that wall so badly....

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Donald Trump nobody knows what he is up to.