This Bitcoin "Bull Market" Is Completely Different

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This Bitcoin "Bull Market" Is Completely Different

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Has not extended to alts? Hello! Since the last bear market bottom about six months ago, the top 10 cryptos (except for Tether) have gone up as follows: BTC x 3.7, ETH x 3.6, XRP 1.6, BCG x 5.6, LTC x 5.1, EOS x 3.8, BNC x 7.9, BSV x 5.6, ADA x 3.2 and TRX 3.0. The narrative that only BTC has rallied is patently false. People keep repeating that over and over. FALSE.

@crypto-daily, Now Market became so mature, so definitely Bull Market Trend will be different. Most importantly we need Stability in this market.

And in my opinion going forward we can see effective trends because we are seeing moves from the Centralised Platforms which can redesign this structure. Stay blessed.

Hey brother, love the content as always, been out of things for a bit, I used to see you on utube all the time and now your here. Something just really weird happened. I have shit for voting power but I hit the upvote on your video and it went from $50 and change to $87 and change, WTF. no idea how that shit just happened, anyway keep them coming brother. Peace :) Pappy

OH radical!

The most different in my opinion is the fact of bitcoin dominance i mean in 2017 we could see a bull market with growhts in bitcoin and alts now we can see just big movements in bitcoin so this time the bull market will have 2 seasons or it's what i want hehehe. Regards

Saludos @crypto-daily Buen material gracias por el apoyo…

The parabola of crypto and for that matter bitcoin is dangling unexpectedly, but I presume within short possible time it will increase at a steady price. However, as @theycallmedan said "this not financial advise" It is just suggestion!

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