Bitcoin's Healthy Retracement? Not So Soon...

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▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Lots of indicators. Some good, some, very good.

▶️ 3Speak


Get that 3Speak routine in your blood. I hate touching that dirty youtube, makes me feel like when I touch FIAT. :P

Very impressive video about bitcoin price analysis. What I see that bitcoin is following tether momentum.
Great video you have made sir, better than any YouTube analysis video.

Looking at every indicators and signals and prediction from people,i guess bitcoin is set to hit up and continue rising for now

Bitcoin will jump like a frog out of hot water soon, patience is the key. Thanks for this great video on @threespeak!

Hey man, nice to see you back here! Keep to coming. Cheers.

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This spaces has navigated right into my heart.........

Shilling Tether again eh?

We are going to have another good rally in no time.
Great video, if you can do well to take a look at veil also

make sure you do a followup post when the heads fall off :D

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