Herald of the Apocalypse (Satire)

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So yes, I am meme-ing this. But also showing a bit of it's serious side.

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Incredibly thought out! Can't wait to try it out....!

Great content as usual @crypto-daily. I usually watch your videos up on YouTube. This is my first time coming across you here on steem, but that's because I'm new here. Anyway, I love that you're video is funny as usual because what Binance has become is anything but. Frankly, I'm still unsure about what they're trying to do but it doesn't sound good for crypto. They really are just pretending to want to be a DEX. Unfortunately, I got in on the Binance Coin hype and still hold a few. Very few though (I'm poor). Although if I hear another news like this, I'll probably sell it all off. I really wish there would come a highly-functional, user-friendly and truly decentralized exchange soon.

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This is scary means how the hell they can do that. It’s like are becoming puppets of these big exchanges. They always come with some bad news like we’re close, we are hack we delisted this. And we just can’t do anything because governments hasn’t support us.
I didn’t think that will happen but happens don’t have trust on exchange.
Decentralised exchanges are just like a new name of centralised exchanges.

Always bringin’ that “entertainment” to the crypto space 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Lol.funny and scarcely meme video here I must say. Great video shared

15% from the US? So 85% is unaffected? I don't think creating another form of exchange will cut it, because this is huge what will happen to the 15%? Amazing video I love the cartoon depiction.

#wow amazing video . keep it up

like you video try play some steemmonsters

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