What Happens After A $10k Bitcoin?

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What Happens After A $10k Bitcoin?

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The average joes and normies will start entering! Fomo Baby!! 😂😂😂

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You have the Winklevoss twins saying once it breaks 10k it'll shoot to 15k. pamp it!
That pigeon tho! xD


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11,000 ..... 20,000 .... 100,000 .... 1,000,000 .... 1,000,000,000

I sure hope everyone has at least 1Bitcoin.

watched daily on yt, now watching on 3speak... still the (best) show in crypto

When meme review?

@crypto-daily, In my opinion for now we can expect that hype will rise and it will once again attract more users. But the important point is when prices decreases then weak hands rises. But that's the part of Market.

But good to see that after sometime Bitcoin bounced backed and looking strong. Let's hope for the Continuation of positive uptrend. Stay blessed.

What Happens After A $10k Bitcoin?

Bitcoin $20k.
I will not sell my bitcoin until it reaches this level.


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to the moon and beyond...

Truth is nobody knows. While going straight to 50K USD is a possiblity, I would not buy Bitcoin here. Neither would I short it. Gotta buy when everyone is bleeding and sell when everyone is mindlessly buying. Not everyone is mindlessly buying yet. This is a planned pump by the whales to get the FOMO going. If it works, they'll keep pumping it. If it doesn't, they'll dump it back below $10,000 and will try a FOMO with Litecoin. My guess is igniting a FOMO with Litecoin this time is more likely to work since Litecoin is more affordable than Bitcoin and given its 4x supply, it has room to even be considered to be worth 25% of Bitcoin.

11,000 ..... 20,000 .... 100,000 .... 1,000,000 .... 1,000,000,000

I sure hope everyone has at least 1Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies are NOT investments without investing on a platform and should not be treated as such. At this point, they are speculative vehicles. That does not mean one cannot and should not invest in them as long as you have a legit investment platform like AllcoinVest, just they should be clear what they would be doing which is speculation.

Investing is about putting money into assets with the expectation of financial return based on economic activity. Most of the activity in cryptocurrencies as of 2017 is centered around expectations of continued increases for the sole reason of previous increases.

One can make a case that tremendous increase in the interest and awareness of cryptocurrencies is big enough that it has reached a critical mass and attracted enough legitimate players and real viable investment companies which are about to surface from all the noise. That is certainly possible, but the degree of uncertainty right now, as of late 2017 till date, is so high that it still amounts to speculation.

Do not think of cryptocurrencies as investments any more except you invest it on legal investment companies. They can certainly be speculated on, and the actual volume of foreign exchange trading is stupendous, in trillions/day.

But this market is a huge speculative trading market that has nothing to do with investing.

Keep in mind that putting your money into cryptocurrencies is a highly risky speculative proposition and treat it as such except you have a great investment platform that you invest in. That means make absolutely sure you know what you are doing by always keeping very strict trading discipline and risk management.

and if you ask me the best investment platform out there, I will say AllcoinVest because I have been dealing with them for a while and I can say they are diligent. They give double returns on invested cryptocurrency after 7 days. So you cant get affected with the fluctuation of cryptocurrency.

Website: https://allcoinvest.com

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