Living the Crypto Dream

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Living the Crypto Dream

This video was birthed on one of the best days of my life. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am utterly optimistic and full of gratitude which I express in this message.

Many say that classic line when you ask them how they are doing. They say "Just living the dream". When I say it though, I literally mean it. I am living the dream because I get to do what I love every single day.

I get the opportunity to work in the crypto space and meet so many interesting people. Not only that but I get to enhance other's knowledge of the industry and share my passion for the technology.

Yes, the price of Steem may be down right now, but my spirits are up. Looking forward to the future and the opportunity it holds for everyone in this exciting space. Feel free to drop a vote and smash that resteem button if you liked this video. Cheers.

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I think Steem will either hold $0.20 USD and move up from here OR it could break the $0.20 USD support and make one decent dip before it reverses, moves back up and the momentum comes in.

That's actually what happened right before the previous bull run when it dipped to $0.07 USD.

Either way, I am suspecting that momentum will eventually enter the equation + that it will kick into gear for Steem and that we'll see another run 😄

( this is just an idea, not #truth )

Time will tell. But yes, I am thinking along those lines as well.

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