Interview with Special Guest Andrarchy - The Origins of Steem and Steemit Inc.

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Interview with Special Guest Andrarchy - The Origins of Steem and Steemit Inc.

1:35: Andrarchy's professional background
5:45: What Andrarchy was excited to see at the Austin conference
9:59: Steemit history and how it all began

In part 1 of this 2 part interview, Andrarchy, Head of Communications and Advocacy at Steemit Inc. dives into how Steem began, the people involved, and how the platform has evolved over it's tenure as the blockchain of opportunity.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the series talking about the future of Steem. Be sure to subscribe to @coingallant for more content like this.

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I joined Steem about 2 years ago have yet to learn what happened before that. Thank you for this short interview for me to have a glimpse of what happened.

I knew about bitshares being the predecessor of STEEM and that reddit inspired the structure that Steemit has now (I read it from the whitepaper), but beyond that, I have zero knowledge.

With this interview, I think I grew that knowledge by 10% (because I know there are other information and details that cannot be immediately shared in an interview).

Thank you for stopping by @eastmael. I will be posting part 2 of that interview today so stay tuned

Go Steem. Andrew rocks.

And with that said. Your book won't complete unless you talk with Fuzzy.

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Glad you liked the interview

This is really nice hearing about the foundation of steemit how it all began with the people involved and how the platform has evolved so far . Awesome

It sure is interesting to say the least

Lovely interview. Grabbed some popcorn and learned some Steem lure. xD

… it's the future i'm more worried about

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Thanks for this, genuinely useful for those of us not here from the beginning.

Boy does the entire crypto world suffer from a catastrophic over emphasis on cool tech and mathematical wizardry. I'm not the biggest fan of marketing skilz but they are needed along the line and UI needs to be much better though through. I'm hoping I can bring more people to Steem. This whole place feels like it could be on the verge of an insane growth if only it could focus on use rather than introverted discussions on technical aspects of the platform.

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@coingallant, In my opinion @andrarchy always represented Steem in very empowering way and he always communicated about the Steem in a way which boosted this Ecosystem specially in rough phases. And one more thing is very appreciable and that is he is joining the communication sessions with different communities and it's one more boosting aspect.

Thank you so much for bringing this session.

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