The Steem Bluepaper Read Aloud (with commentary)

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The Steem Bluepaper Read Aloud (with commentary)

Feel free to change video setting to 1.5x playback as there is a lot to read....

The Steem bluepaper is a bit shorter than the whitepaper. It starts off by describing what Steem is and what it does, then goes into other features of the blockchain and the token.

The Steem bluepaper goes into detail regarding the reward pool, the voting system, proof of brain, token distribution, and transaction speeds.

I always get excited when I read and understand Steem a bit better. Hope that you gain value from hearing this information either for the first time or as a reminder of how amazing Steem really is.

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My! Wonderful thanks for taking time to read the white and blue papers, I'm definitely still reading, I'm curious , your background looks augumented lol, is it?
First of all the Steem blockchain is definitely intricate and so much information, the distribution to the witness, the Best holders and the content creators is what a whole lot of people do not even understand, having a hardcopy there with you makes it so acessible any day any time. Beautiful content definitely. Still watching

The background is natural, not augmented. Glad you are enjoying and absorbing the content @josediccus. The more we know the more we grow :)

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