Less creators - more curators ☺

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Recently I noticed less people creating on steem.

That's after the hard fork and especially the split of the rewards 50/50.

But, I see it really a positive thing and I explained in the video why.

So, profit from the situation and enjoy creating on steem.

Enjoy watching the video. ☺

Read here about the project I want to start to promote steem: Creating SteemDelegator !

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It is obvious, isn't it, video creation does take considerable amount of time and hours of efforts. Most of the Steemers come here on 3speak.online with the hope of earning some decent amount every week, but now the situation being turned around the split reward, these masses decided to out there concentration to work at other places to make money. Personally I think 50/50 reward is still ok, not so bad. Thank you for you video @Clixmoney

You're welcome. I'm glad you like it here. Use this opportunity to grow in steem faster. :)

First they said Cheese burger now they say only 50%. Sometime I wonder, is STEEM this really decentralised ?

I think the decentralization is not that important. In my opinion nothing is decentralised, even bitcoon. The great consept that we have in steem is earning from a social media. No matter how much we earn, it's still better than any other social media that's not paying anything to very active users.

great video 📹

Thanks. ☺