Creating SteemDelegator !

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I always think about how to promote steem better and what to do to make the price grow.

A lot of us here are doing everything for that and everything is just great with the #newsteem expect the price and the ranking in coinmarketcap.

We don't have to blame only the bear market, but we can also blame ourselves for not promoting steem.

The idea of being rewarded fro content is really huge and steem is still leading in this.

I'm the founder of @dcooperation , the community I'm building for more than a year. It meant to be a community for steemians to collaborate, but lately I'm only curating from that account and I'm not having a lot of time for that now.

If you want to know more about me, you can check my youtube hystory in this channel : clixmoney

I interviewed more than 100 steemians to promote steem.

I was also running a show called ''Our Steem'' to connect steem communities.

If you check the account of @dcooperation , you will see that I never transfered any steem to anyone and I powered up all the steem earned from that account. I was upvoting from that account, those who were helping me to grow the project, but now I'm upvoting only delegators and keep powering up everything and I don't think that account will be good for donations, because I just don't want to change the consept of @dcooperation for now.

So, I've been on steem for more than two years and I was always excited about it. Now I see the price going down and an down and more and more people are leaving steem, just because of that.

I really want to do something to stop that from happening. I was a part of the movement that @nathanmars created and I liked his idea of delegating power for steemians who will do something about promoting steem in twitter. But, I see him now not active and I want to kind of continue what he was doing, but this time, not only in twitter, but in all the web.

That's why I created today the @steemdelegator and I want to use all the donations sent to it to power up the account.

This is non-profit project, only to promote steem !

So, noone will be upvoted from that account, no one downvoted, but I will only delegate steem power to those who will promote steem in the best way.

Steemians will be rewarded by delegations for the following :

  • Helping the project.
  • Writing acticles and creating posts in social media.
  • Creating video in famous video hosting platforms.
  • Invinting to steem people with big audiance.
  • Writing about steem in forums and blogs.
  • Creating viral ads to promote steem.

More options will be added in the future.

Since I'm starting this, I need dedicated steemians to help me in this for free. It's just an initiative from me to promote steem better and if the price will grow, we all will be happy.

I will contact all the witnesses I know about this idea. I hope @theycallmedan will help somehow. Maybe dapps founders as well like @starkerz and others.

Maybe @steemitblog or @andrarchy will take a look at this and help with this.

In fact any steemian can help, by donating, promoting this idea or just sharing thoughts to help me make it possible.

I still don't have a lot of time in my life, but I will do my best to improve the idea.

I think we still in a position where we can surely say that steem has the potential to grow.

I even created a logo for the project :

The slogan can be ''From steem to steem''.

I mean that the account will be powered by steem to delegate to steemians who will bring more steemians to steem.

Sorry for my English in case I made mistakes. I'm not a native speaker, that's why I may need native speakers to help me wirte posts and promote the idea.

I hope all steem community will trust me in such mission.

I also created a discord server, so if you join it, I will understand that you're willing to help : SteemDelegator Discord Server.

Let's make steem great again together !

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@clixmoney, Of course this is great initiative and people who Promote Steem deserve recognition and promotion is collective efforts and that's the main foundation of Decentralisation. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Thanks. I hope this project will grow and improve somehow. It's all up to the community.

Welcome and that's true.

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That is great my good Brother, thanks for that effort for promoting Steem.

You're very welcome. I'm always doing that. ☺

Woah ! This project seems to have great potential and would surely be very productive if it gets funded well then noone could stop STEEM getting boosted to new heights one has ever seen before !

I Like the concept of empowering people with delegations and is really quite beneficial for the individual for sustaining and giving a better input into the blockchain.

Good Job clix !

Thanks. I hope that will be funded as well. I feel that the project will be really useful. I just need to reach more people.

Great project @clixmoney. If you need a hand let me know. I really want to curate and help more people get rewarded.

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Yeah, of course. I will contact you in discord about that. Mostly I need to promote the idea now. And as I said that account will not be for curating, but to delegate to people like you who want to curate. First we need to fund it and power up good amount to proove we are serious about that. I hope in the end the project will help steem price grow.