How to not get manipulated !

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In this video I shared my thoughts about not how to not get manipulated.

It's a short video, please watch it and tell me your opinion about the topic.

Maybe you know the solution as well ? Share that in the comment.

Enjoy watching my video. ☺

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Some of the most important things you showed us in our lives is based on who we are, and how this manipulated thing makes us stronger. In fact, I watched your video editing video as well as your voice system.

And the things you say are so important, thank you in the life of each of us, for sharing such a beautiful idea among us that we have a lot to learn.

You're very welcome. Thanks a lot for such thoughtful comment.

It's everywhere but it is important to know our mind and trust our instinct not allowing outside influence to over come us. Take time to this and see how decision resonate with you before taking the plunge, listen to the gut 💯🐒

You are right. Thanks for the advice. ☺

More observations but you are welcome 💯🐒

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